Maybe I'm Not Crazy!!!

All I have to say is, thank you, West Elm, for legitimizing my craziness!

For those of you might have thought my paper mache deer head was a little over the DIY top...
 meet West Elm's newest decor accessory.

Or it's cousins, the paper mache antlers or paper mache gemsboks.

Did I mention that they are paper mache? : )
High fives to me for being ahead of the trend!

THANKS to my awesome reader, Michelle, for sending the West Elm links over to me!


Head over to Kate's blog to read all about my take on modern lighting!


  1. YOU are a trendsetter! Congrats. I never thought I would like a "taxidermy" in my home, but I kind of love it in paper mache.

  2. Hahaaahahahaha! That's funny.

  3. Perhaps the creators of West Elm are closet blog hoppers and "borrowed" that Idea from you...


  4. Maybe they stole it from you! :) They are definitely cool and so is yours!

  5. LOve it!! High fives to me for knowing you were just that cool!! love ya doll, xoxo shel

  6. HAHAHA! You're definitely a trend-setter! In fact, you were probably W.E.'s inspiration! :) I want those antlers ASAP!

  7. I hope West Elm is sending you royalties for the idea!!!
    Plus - who cares if anyone thinks your paper mache fella is kooky - it's your home and if it makes you smile that's all that matters! I love it!

  8. I still think you are a little just kidding! I am the one the chopped the heads off of christmas reindeer to hang on my wall!

  9. hahaha! You are such a trendsetter!!! Yours is cuter with the flower and all...

  10. Way to go-you're so on top of it! I'm all about antlers lately, especially these ones! Xo, Katie

  11. I haven't seen the West Elm ones before. I'm going to the crazy house with you. I made some paper mache antlers last weekend. To check them out got to:

    Your deer head is sooo cute!

  12. Yay! High five. I love your DIY deer. So cute. Do you ever feel a tiny bit peeved when something you did/loved becomes super cool? I feel like adding a sign: "I thought of it first". But I guess it is hugely flattering . . . ;)


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