Behind the Scenes: Life Lately

Hey hey! It's been awhile since I've updated you guys on what's going on behind the scenes with me and the Ten June crew... so, here we go.

Work attire, eh? You guys know (or maybe not) that outside of the blog, I'm a commercial real estate attorney. Ever since our move from our first beloved home, I've been practicing at a firm in Atlanta. It was quite the commute from our suburban town outside of the city, but I worked mostly from home about 30 hours a week. I truly loved the set up, but a month ago, I got a call from a firm here in the suburbs that I interviewed with two years ago when we first moved here. Long story short, a couple of weeks ago, I accepted a position with the suburban firm helping them handle their commercial real estate practice! I love the move so far- the new position is the perfect mix of working from home and working in a great office atmosphere, close to home. We're so excited about my future with the firm!

The last week of September (when, oh, by the way, I turned another year older and slowly set that foot solidly in the thirty-something realm, oy), our little fam went to visit my brother-in-law in San Francisco! We had an amazing time seeing the sights in the city and spending time in Palo Alto, which is the cutest little town. The kids even did pretty great on their first flight- snacks and TV shows in large quantities, that's the key. Our only hiccup on the trip was that HDawg had a terrible allergic reaction while we were out to eat at a vegan restaurant. We thought we were safe at a vegan restaurant (no dairy!), but it turns out H has developed a severe allergy to cashews and pistachios. I won't go into too many details, but thank God we acted fast and David was brave enough to administer the EpiPen on some random San Francisco street as we raced to the hospital. His severe reaction leveled off after the EpiPen and hospital stay, thank goodness.

So, that landed us at the allergists office as soon as we got home. It's really crazy, because H has had a full panel of tests many times and that included all tree nuts (which he has always tested negative for). He has actively eaten mixed nuts, including cashews and pistachios, for the past year or so. But, apparently his little immune system is just extremely sensitive and can randomly choose to react and attack certain foods. Now, cashews and pistachios (and therefore, generally, tree nuts) are his body's enemy. Just like with dairy, it's a major learning curve in terms of reorganizing what food we eat and what brands to buy, etc. but it's coming together slowly!

Other than learning about H's new allergies, the kids are great. I am loving their super fun ages- 1.5 and 3. We've enjoyed all of the pumpkin patch, fall festivals and Halloween festivities so much this year... I can't wait to experience the rest of 2015's holiday season with them. It really is such a blessing to see the world through their precious little eyes.

So that's what we're up to lately! Hope you guys are doing well out there and enjoying fall!


  1. Congrats on the job! My heart just breaks for H... even going through the restrictive diet, I can't imagine what it'd be like to actually have the fear of a true allergic reaction. I think you and your H are doing such a great job with monitoring it and keeping him safe at school and when traveling, it takes so much work and you guys are doing so right by him. Also, L's outfit at the pumpkin patch.... so so so adorable. And I agree, 3-1.5 (now 3.5 & almost 2) is sooo much fun. They play together, it's amazing!

    1. I know, it's crazy. A restrictive diet is no big deal, it's the outside world that's scary because I can't control it! For example, I didn't exactly anticipate spending our vacation administering the EpiPen into our completely lethargic three year old's leg and praying we made it to the nearest hospital in time. Phew. We are never eating out again! And thank you for the kind words, we try to make his life happy and easy and, most importantly, SAFE!

      How fun would it be if our kids got together?! Same ages! We would have a ball. Long distance play date? : )

  2. So fun to see how you all are doing! Those Littles are so precious, Michelle ~ you are blessed indeed!
    xo Heidi

  3. So excited for the job change for you!! And I remember H's allergy are one awesome mama to deal with these things with such a positive attitude!!! Bless all your hearts for that scare!! And finally, your little family is about the cutest thing ever...seriously, you need to be on a JCrew or Land of Nod catalog!!!! xoxo

  4. So happy for your new job - sounds like a great fit. And that family picture at the pumpkin patch? Seriously looks like a magazine photo - beautiful family!

  5. Hi! Just wondering where you got LLJ's boots? They're adorable!


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