Little Lady June's Pink + Blue Nursery Room Updates

It's been awhile since you guys have seen Little Lady June's nursery, so I thought I'd check in with an update! She's 21 months old and still happily sleeping in her crib, so not much has changed in terms of the main pieces in the room. I moved the DIY stuffed animal heads to HDawg's bedroom and replaced them with a blank, empty wall. I thought the wall needed to breathe a little, do you ever feel that way? No? Just me. Okay, Michelle, stop talking about walls breathing before you freak everybody out. To the left of the dresser, I created a DIY hair bow holder by gluing a sparkly sheet of card stock to the front of a wooden letter I found in the craft aisle at Target. Then I hot glued a ribbon to the back of the letter and bam, a hair bow holder. I also used some simple washi tape to add a vintage photo of my grandmother and her four sisters. LLJ was named for these five ladies, so it's important for her to have their photo in her room!

On the other side of the room, I did what every interior design loving blogger momma promises to never do: I added a character to the room. The horrors! But seriously, my little girl loves her some Minnie Mouse, so it's Minnie Mouse she gets. We go through many, many books a day, so I pulled some of her favorites off of our main bookshelf and put them in a book basket next to her side table. For awhile, I'd walk in her room and find her tucked in the corner, sitting on the floor next to her book basket reading. I knew it was high time I create this gal a comfy reading space, so when the folks I'm teamed up with at Savvy Sassy Scouts asked if I... I mean, LLJ... wanted to try out the Minnie Mouse chair by Delta, I knew exactly where it should go. And seriously, she loves it- I find her in there reading all the time. The chair is super cute without being too themey, if you know what I mean. At 21 months and about 26 pounds, she's a little tiny for the chair and sometimes has a problem getting her balance to sit down, but I'm sure she'll grow into it (the chair is recommended for ages 3-9). 

When you ask her if she likes the chair, this is the look you get:

See? It's a winner!

For more information about items in this room and a lots of other photos, check out my original nursery room reveal post and full little girl's nursery source list post.

*I received this product as part of my affiliation with Savvy Sassy Scouts.


  1. Where is the darling kitty doll from? Looks great!

  2. Precious. Design blogger or not, love that you incorporated what SHE loves! While I love a pretty nursery, it is the child's room after all. And, when did she get so big? Seems like yesterday you were expect HDawg!!

  3. What a sweet space! I have a little Minnie-lover too and as much as I try stay away from character-themed "decor", this one got a pass. It's really cute and my daughter (also 21 months old) is in love with it.


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