Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Party for Our Little Lady

Let me just throw it out there... I throw a killer two-year-old birthday party. I'll have to say, we took the "easygoing" route for Little Lady June's second birthday and man, was that a good idea. Instead of inviting a million people over and worrying about all the food and all the cleaning and all the people and all the entertaining, David and I chose to host a tiny little shindig at our house. We invited our immediate family and three families who have little kids both Lu and HDawg's ages. And, honestly, it was perfect! The weather was amazing for late February in Georgia, so we hosted the entire day outside. We did a few Minnie Mouse themed things but overall just picked food LLJ loves (Chick-fil-A nuggets, blueberries and oranges, lemonade, chips and fruit snacks), stocked the fridge with beers for the adults and just let the kids play. And I'm so glad we did it that way, everyone had a blast! I made the cupcakes by simply adding Oreos as a cupcake topper and freehanding the Minnie hairbows with red candy melts (I melted the candy, put into a plastic baggie, cut the tip and squeezed out bow shapes on wax paper). The rest of the party sources are below! Happy second birthday to the sweetest little girl in all the land! I love you, my little lady!

Minnie invitations (not pictured)
Mickey coloring books- Dollar Store


  1. Great job, mama! #nailedit Also, could these kids be any more perfect? Even H in total laid-back munchies mode. Love them both. And you! xx


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