Natural Based Outdoor Beauty Essentials for Spring

Y'all, this weekend was a banner weekend. Between the farmers market, grilling out and playing in our yard, working on the garden at our farm, hanging with friends and running at the park, we were outside every minute. The sky was blue, the pollen count was down... it was perfect. But it quickly reminded me that it's time to step up my outdoor essentials gear! It's that time of the year that I fill a bucket by the back door with sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses and all of the other stuff that we need to keep us healthy and happy while we enjoy the great outdoors. So I thought I'd share some of my favorite natural based outdoor beauty essentials for spring!

First stop? Sunscreen. I love Alba brand for my face wash and that love has translated over to their sunscreen: adult facial sunscreen and adult lotion sunscreen. For the kids, I'm obsessed with BabyGanics sunscreen (it smells good! it comes in different types so I can use the stick for faces, the spray for Lu's blonde hair and the lotion for the rest! it doesn't have any of the "bad stuff" in it!) and use all of these on a daily basis: kids spray sunscreenkids lotion sunscreen and kids stick sunscreen. We have used this SPF chapstick before, but most of the time I just use the stick sunscreen on the lips and then follow up to moisturize with this chapstick.

Also, you've got to keep the bugs away with some good insect repellent. Again, back to being obsessed with BabyGanics, I swear by this insect repellent. I am a mosquito magnet (and I'm pretty sure I'm allergic because every bite I get swells up to freaky proportions and everyone around me starts worrying I'm going to swell into a balloon) so I also play it safe by wearing these insect bands. I may wear one on each wrist and one on each ankle, don't judge.

For after-sun care, I have a bunch of favorite things, but that's probably a whole different post! Some of my favorites, though, are this kids lotion, and for me, this restorative, thick face lotion
and amazing hair detangler/leave in conditioner. I always feel like I've treated and restored myself after I use those products.

What are your favorite outdoor beauty product essentials?!

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