DIY Rain Barrel For Under $30

Hey! Surprise! I'm still here. I'm sorry I've been a little MIA on the ol' blog lately, but life has been busy lately at work, busy building the house and busy loving life with David and our little family. While I hate that things are too busy to blog, it also means things are good over here! Luckily, though, I should have more time this summer to spend blogging and keeping you posted on things over at the farm and with the house build!

Today's project is an easy one- a DIY rain barrel. But the best part? It's cheap! You can do this entire project for under $30! We shopped rain barrels for the farm garden and couldn't find anything under $100, so $30 is certainly a steal. All you need is a large outdoor trashcan with a concave lid (ours is one like this), a simple kitchen sink strainer like this, a utility knife, duct tape and either large rubber bands or small bungee cords.

To set the rain barrel up, take the lid off of the trash can and flip it over. Using the strainer as a template, cut a circle in the center of the lid that is slightly smaller than the strainer. Insert the strainer in the hole while the lid is upside down. The concave of the upside-down lid helps the water run down into the barrel. Use the duct tape to attach the strainer to the lid. Then, all you have to do is attach the upside-down lid to the can! As you can see, we used the bungee cords but you could also use rubber bands around the handles of the trash can if you have handles. And that's it! Easy peasy and cheap.

A project like this would be perfect for your yard, a big garden or even just a container garden. This has been one of the best things we've added to our garden. As I mentioned in my garden tour video post, we still don't have running water out at the farm. The well will be dug soon! But until then, we have rainwater to water the garden. Plus, rainwater is so much better than tap water for things like blueberries. Also, the kids LOVE visiting the garden and seeing how much water collected since the last visit. So it's kind of win, win. And for under $30, you can't beat it!

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