Farm Trees + Tire Swings

Out at the farm, we have a LOT of trees. We have two cleared pastures (or as HDawg says "pastras") that are 3-4 acres each, but the rest of the 17 acres is wooded. Yes, a ton of trees! David initially started clearing the scrub trees/vines/weeds out with an axe. Like, an old school hatchet. Seriously. Can you imagine how that went? "Honey, I'm headed out to the pastra with ma axe. Ring the dinner bell when it's time for me to come in." HA. But, those days are no longer thanks to my good friends at ACE Hardware. As a house warming gift... er, a farm warming gift?!... they sent us this bad boy.

I never thought I'd be excited about a chainsaw, but when you have so many trees and a HATCHET for crying out loud, a chainsaw is a must. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite the tree hugger and hate cutting trees down, but we have a lot of overgrowth on our property that needs to be tended to. When the "scrub trees" take over the good trees, the good trees will die. So in order to preserve the quality trees, you've got to cut down the junk. Make sense?

My man hard at work, people. With his CHAINSAW CHAPS on. That's a thing. They actually protect your legs from dangerous cuts, so they're kind of important. Way to be, chainsaw chaps.

And the really fun part is that once we cleared some junk out from around and under a group of trees in what will eventually be our "front yard," we had enough room for a tire swing! Read: all of Michelle's life goals are now complete, my kids have a tire swing. I can only imagine the hours of fun and time we'll spend out here under these big sassafrass and dogwood trees, playing on the tire swing.

ACE Hardware is one of my favorite go-to stores when it comes to stuff for our house or yard. I'm so happy to share their brand with you and to give them a big thumbs up, they're a great company. I noticed on their website they're having all kinds of seasonal sales right now, so go check everything out online or at your local store! If you're lucky, you can even pick yourself up a pair of chainsaw chaps and a hatchet ; )

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  1. Thats like the time I decided to build planter beds for the back yard with a hand saw. The right tools make all the difference!


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