Building Our House: A Big Ol' Hole in the Ground

Hey friends! Long time, no chat. It's been a busy but fun summer around here so far. Less blogging usually means more crazy stuff behind the scenes, so I'm grateful for a few quiet minutes to finally sit down and share some of our house building process with you!

As a quick recap, David and I purchased 17 acres of vacant farm land back at the end of 2015. We spent several months working with a (stellar!) architect to custom design our house plan. And y'all, it's amazing. Literally our dream house! You can see a lot of my ideas and inspiration over on Pinterest, but I also plan to share the design boards I've created for each room in the house as soon as I get my act together to share : ) But the basic gist is a modern farmhouse with five bedrooms, a vaulted keeping room and a big wraparound porch around the front. All the heart eyes.

I gave you guys a detailed video tour of the land, but realized the other day that I haven't updated you at all on the status of the build! Hell-o, no one cares about grass and trees, people want to see the subway tile and shiplap, Michelle! Truth be told, this is a long process and we don't have beautiful tile to share yet. Actually, we don't even have walls, ha! BUT, we do have a great, big hole in the ground! And really, so much more than that. These photos don't show all of the updates, but so much site prep work was done over the past couple of months, including taking down trees, clearing out areas and scraping up dirt. It is already looking so different out there!

For those of you who aren't from the south, this, my friends, is Georgia red clay. In fact, that's about 9 feet high of red clay which will eventually be our basement walls. 

The site prep work took a few weeks. Lots of bulldozers, the kids were in heaven! Once they finished, the dirt sat for a week or so to settle, and then the footing guys started next. They marked off the area with wood stakes and then poured concrete for the footers. 

Next up, we'll have walls! They're pouring the concrete walls for the basement starting today. We are all so thrilled, especially the kids. They have so much fun going out there and seeing the updates when we go to work on the garden. Speaking of, I owe you guys a mid-summer garden tour... more on that soon!

So that's where we are right now with the build process. Slowly but surely this thing is coming together. We moved out of our renovated ranch in March of 2013 and have been renting ever since, so to finally find a place to set roots and call our own will be a long time coming! Can't wait!

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  1. So exciting! I bet the kids are in heaven watching all that going on. And, how cute are they in their little hard hats!!!

  2. Please - no shiplap! ;) Hahaha. But seriously, not every room needs paneled walls, right? I love Chip and Jo, but they have unleashed a monster!

  3. Fun to see it all shaping up, Michelle! Hope you and the kiddos are well!
    xo Heidi

  4. Very good place and your house would be beautiful...!!! I am so excited and want to see your house outside as well as from inside. custom home builders vancouver

  5. Pray for you happy like and this building provide you many blessing.


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