Building Our House: Framing

Guys. Framing was probably one of my favorite steps of our building process. At the end of each day during the framing process, David and I would rush to the farm after work. Our gravel driveway winds to the house from the street, through the trees and into the pasture where our home site is. Each time we pulled up during that framing process (okay, let's be honest, every single time we pull up to the house even now!), we would stop the car and sit and stare. And maybe say "wowwwwww!" One day there was dirt, a few days later there was something that resembled a house! It was incredible. As my uncle (our architect) put it, the framers are true artists. Not only do they put together the puzzle pieces of your house based on the construction plans, but they're actually building the puzzle pieces themselves! Pure genius. And we were really lucky to have an amazing framing crew that worked long hours and got the job done, well.

Once we got the floor plan completed (as I described here), there wasn't much for us to do during the framing process. So it was really nice to sit back, relax and watch the wood go up! If you have any specific questions about the framing process and our choices, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll update the post with the answers. Until then, enjoy what was about a three week framing timeline in about six seconds!


  1. So exciting Michelle. Always great when you can see plans jump to life off the paper!! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. It is also amazing how quickly that step goes!! Very exciting!!


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