I'm Here! I'm Here! An Update.

Well that was an absolutely unintentional three-and-a-half month break from blogging! Did you miss me?! Seriously, how did the past few months just fly by like that? How are we past Halloween? How are we less than a month away from moving into our new house? Whaaaaaaaat is happening?!

Okay, so what's been going on behind the scenes....

The kids are great. HDawg turned four in August and is just a scrumptious little thing with long legs that grew overnight, a constantly churning brain like his daddy's (I can see the gears moving, I swear) and a heart of gold. Little Lady June (otherwise known around our house as Lu) is two-and-a-half and is just about the funniest little thing around. She loves princesses, pink and getting her way. All the time. I don't know where she got that sassiness from... (ahem, it's like looking in a mirror).

David and I are great. We're both super busy at work but loving every minute. I'm still working part-time (30 hours a week) as a commercial real estate attorney, which I love. We just had a new niece born into the family (my sister, Tori's little girl!) and she has the cutest fat cheeks in the whole wide world. The kids keep us busy with soccer games and birthday parties and play dates and kitty cat sleepovers (don't ask) and eating four million snacks a day and all of the other fun stuff that life with two preschoolers holds for us right now.

Oh. And we're a month (or so) away from moving into the house. It is so. frigging. fun. to see it all come together. That photo above is our extra garage and that pretty white siding + rustic brick + black barn lanterns + blue sky just make me so happy. It's all coming together! #insertsmileyface #thebigwidegrinemoji

The last time I shared an update, we had this.

Yeah, dirt. I promise it doesn't look like that anymore! And I also promise to blog the details. I've been wanting to for a lonnnng time, since I'm always getting emails and Instagram messages about the status of our house, the build process, our choices, etc. I can't wait to share! I just haven't had the time. David and I are up late each night devoting every spare minute to lighting selections and flooring and trim colors and faucets and door knobs and windows... I know, poor pitiful us, right?! It's been a ball- seriously, a dream come true- but it keeps us busy! So anyways. Things are finally slowing down here at the end of the process, so instead of packing like I should be, I think it's high time I'll finally start blogging about the build process. It will probably be slowly, but surely. I'll get it up. Next update post will be Friday! Pinky swear. I just hope some of you are still out there to read it!

Of course, you can always follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks. Hashtag #tenjunebuildsahouse, baby. 


  1. Welcome back! Kids are gorgeous! Looking forward to slightly more regular blogging.

  2. Positively dying over the entire home so far. That exterior is just gorgeous. Your excitement is palpable and it's been so fun following along. Give us more. Give us more!!! xo


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