My Master Bedroom and Closet- A Blank Slate!

Let's move upstairs with the new house tour! I'm so glad you guys are big fans of our living room and keeping room. Upstairs in our master bedroom, we decided to start with a totally blank slate. Other than the black ceiling fan and the light beige carpet, we've got white walls, white trim and a white ceiling (Sherwin Williams Alabaster on the walls and Extra White on the ceiling). My game plan for this room is to layer textures to create a calm room, instead of layering color. Bamboo blinds, a light wooden bed, vintage throws at the food of the bed, lots of greenery and some soft fluffy rugs. 

Our master bedroom closets are even more of a blank slate if that's possible! Instead of installing a custom closet plan during our build, David and I decided to install simple white wire shelves (just a few hundred dollars for two closets!) and then live with the closets for awhile. Honestly, I'm not much of a clothes or shoe person, so I have no clue how to approach this big closet! So I thought I'd give myself some time to live with it and figure it out before we spend the big bucks for a nice closet system.

Meanwhile, a girl can dream... and if I could dream up my closet, this is what I'd have. Ready for this? A fancy gold chandelier. (although I do love my current old fashioned schoolhouse light!) A large, leaning, sparkling mirror. A soft, glamorous velvet bench. A girly, fun rug. A large, dark wardrobe. A collection of pretty black and white floral prints. Yup, all of that would do. I think my clothes and shoes would be mighty happy in that space. Come to think of it, I think I would be happy in that space every day. I might just move in and live there full time, the only other thing I would need is a mini-fridge! : )

All of these beautiful items are found over on the Arhaus website.  Check out some of their pendant lighting options here. Thanks to Arhaus for partnering up and helping me dream and scheme about my beautiful dream closet! 


  1. Your house is beautiful! Love the choices you have made. I had wire shelves in my closet prior and found they made marks on any clothes I had resting on them. I put down those peel and stick 12x12 laminate tiles from homedepot on top and it worked like a charm :)

  2. I am really enjoying seeing all of your visions come to life with your new home. Everything looks so classic and timeless. I was wondering how you like your ceiling fans? I noticed the one you linked is a 3-blade instead of 5-blade that I see in your bedroom. We love a fan in the bedroom, even if there are so many pretty lights out there. Cant beat the function!


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