Living Room Tweak List: Pillows by The Lacey Placey

What's better than a fabulous handmade pillow shop that also happens to be my newest sponsor?

Not much!

Meet my gorgeous new living room pillows made by Lacey from The Lacey Placey.

I'm absolutely smitten with my new stone blue patterned pillows for my slip chairs and the rust colored chevron printed pillow for my sofa. They're perfect!

I'm also excited to announce that Lacey is one of Ten June's newest sponsors! Her shop could not be more adorable- it's filled with so many fabulous pillows it's not even funny. And she just recently introduced monogramming to the shop... do I spy Christmas presents for friends and family? I'd say so! 

Besides the obvious picks for my living room, here are some of my favorites from Lacey's shop:

 And if you're ready for Christmas like me, how about a few pillows filled with holiday cheer?!

 Lacey's prices are incredibly reasonable, especially since they're such fabulous quality. So head on over and pick out a few Lacey Placey pillows of your own!

And of course that means I have one more thing done that I can cross off my list:

5. paint walls a new neutral color
6. add new rug
7. figure out pillow sitcheeyation
9. spruce up wall behind couch

Ahh... one more item to go, that feels good!

Pssst! If you're interested in being a sponsor at Ten June, shoot me an email!


  1. Love your new pillows girl! Heading over to check out her shop - you can never have too many pillows right?

  2. thank you thank you for introducing her! i'm absolutely in LOVE with the fabric she uses - it's the same as what's all over my pinterest boards for what I want in our family room and living room. i'll have to save up for this purchase since it will be a large quantity :)

  3. Those pillows are just the right touch! Going to have to check her out!! Can't wait to see the room completely completely finished! And before Christmas...yes! That must feel awesome!

  4. Oh, super cute!! Those pillows are exactly the style I am trying to evolve my house into. ;) I have to take things slowly b/c my husband likes really traditional stuff and he hates change. Your couch looks fantastic!

  5. Love the new pillows! Especially the ones on the two side chairs. That pattern is beautiful.

  6. If I hadn't just made my own pillows recently, I'd totally buy some of hers! She has some great fabric patterns! I'll have to keep her in mind :) Love your new pillows!

  7. I'm on the constant hunt for great photos! These look great!! Congrats on the new sponsor as well! :)

  8. Your new pillows are super cute. . and congrats on the new sponsor! Have so much fun tonight!

  9. Love these! Pillows are perfect for adding punch. I'll be checking out her shop!

  10. Loving the pillows. Lacey is so great (: Obviously I adore the chevron ones!

  11. Love your new pillows! Gonna have to check out Lacey's store!!

  12. Love love love the new pillows! I need to send you a pic of my living room so you can suggest new pillows for me!

  13. Just visited Lacey's store and what a great selection she offers at fantastic prices; will definitely keep her in mind when it's time for new pillows!


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