The Genie Series: Go Haus Go

Hi friends! Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas crafts yesterday over on Cassie's blog. I'm amazed at how many beautiful projects you guys have been working on! Don't forget that tomorrow, I'll be sharing a holiday vignette (any area in your home you've decorated and given a festive holiday theme) and linking up over on Courtney's blog. I hope you join us!

Today I've got the adorable Emily from Go Haus Go to join the Ten June Genie Series. She's got three wishes... what's she going to choose? Before I let Emily take it away, check out a few pictures of her amazing casa. She's got amazing style, right?!

Hi Ten June readers! The name's Emily and I run the DIY and design blog Go Haus Go. Let's get to the good stuff! If a genie granted me three wishes, here's what I'd say:

Emily Snuffer

[ONE ]

The ability to have white furniture, even with two dogs in the house.

White furniture and accessories are my favorite things to decorate with but the dogs make it impossible (dirty paws, hair, you name it) to do in my own home. I used to have many white things and I miss having white as a color choice so much. That probably explains why most of my walls in my house have recently been painted white. I'd want indestructible white decor so I could have my favorite rug, this lovely studio sofa, my favorite Eames chair and white pillows. Oh, and I guess I'd need a pay raise as well to be able to afford any of those things. :)


I want Blair and Chuck to end up together.

I root for them each season... heck, each episode. Yep, I'd give up one wish to reunite fictional lovers. My question is... who the heck is the father of her baby? Any Gossip Girl lovers out there?


I want to call a classic MCM house my home, specifically the Miller House.

The Miller House (pictured above) is a hop, skip and jump from where I grew up in Indiana. If not the Miller House, I'd settle for a classic ranch or tri-level. As long as the house represents a movement that left a mark on design history.


Thanks so much Michelle for having me! Hope everyone had a great holiday. If you want to stop by to check out my non-white decor or even chat Gossip Girl (please!), you can find me at Go Haus Go.


  1. oh i am SOOO with you on the white furniture- i have two kid sand two dogs. i tried it once.... not a good idea!
    as for the dining chairs thugh, i have the overstock version of those chairs, and clorox soft scrub cleans them beautifully! :)

  2. Thanks for having me! And for including pictures of my space! You rock. Today just got so much better. Ha!

  3. Blair is preggers?! I've been out of the loop for TOO long! And I would totally wish for white furniture with pets too! :)

  4. Okay Emily your house is amazing. Flawless style.
    And I have always wanted white furniture...but it will never happen. However, my little office space is white:D

  5. What great style! Amazing home! I too love white furniture!

  6. her house is incredible! and i covet white furniture- then i remember how messy it would be within days - boo :-( and ummmm blair and chuck are my new favorite love story- i so want them to get back together!


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