30 Day Photo Challenge & Link Up {Days 25-30}

Welcome to the very last day of the Ten June 30 Day Photo Challenge!

Day 25: I'm pretty jazzed about my new pretty in pink Clinique freebie (from Nordstrom!).

Day 26: I know I've shared this photo on the blog before, but I can't get enough! The texture in this close up photo is incredible! And in case you are wondering, it's a plant from my garden wall.

Day 27: I finally broke out my new lens for this challenge! I usually use a 18-55mm lens, but I also have a 55-250mm lens for far away shots. I absolutely loved using it to capture this shot, which is probably about 500 yards. Or maybe not, I'm really bad at estimating!

Day 28: Pretty flowers!

Day 29: A close up of a cute little vignette at my friend Katelyn's house! I thought the vintage stool and fan deserved a little retro black and white action.

Day 30: I thought I'd close on my Day 1 self-portrait. A full circle, right?

Before you link up your photos, thank you to all of you who have participated in this challenge with me! It has been a really great experience to learn how to use my camera, both through snapping my shots and looking through all of your amazing photos! It's been so much fun!

Now it's time to hear from YOU! Grab a button and link up days 25-30 of the photo challenge.

Whether you've linked up before or not, or whether you were able to take all six pictures in the challenge this week or just one, feel free to link up. And don't forget to let me know how this last week of the challenge went for you... what was your favorite picture to take? Did you have any problems with any of the challenges? More importantly, if you did have problems and sorted it out-- share your wise advice with us newbie photographers! I'll keep the link party open until next Friday. Happy picture taking!

Pssst! Want to see the rest of the photos in the challenge?
challenge days 15 - 19 
challenge days 20 - 24


  1. LOVE the from a distance picture! Great job! Thanks for hosting! :)

  2. I loved this whole series, I really need to do something like this!

  3. Thanks for hosting the 30 Day Photo Challenge. It was exactly the motivation I needed to get out there with my camera.
    Great finale!

  4. thanks for hosting. it really made me think about what i was doing. so much fun.

  5. Great pics! What a score on that makeup bag. Thanks again for hosting it was a fun exercise.

  6. love the distance and b&w shots!!
    happy friday! have a good weekend!

  7. Really loving the close-up shot. What amazing detail and texture!! Thank you, Michelle, for hosting this whole 30 day photography adventure! I've truly enjoyed it and learned so much!

  8. Yea for photo challenges. I tried one last year (and totally flunked by missing a couple) but I really think it challenges your skills. At least I think it did. How do you feel you've improved over the month?


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