30 Day Photo Challenge & Link Up {Days 9 - 15}

While a little bit late to the game, I'm back today with week three of the 30 Day Photo Challenge!

So far, we've shared days 1-7 and days 8-14 of the photo challenge. There have been sooo many beautiful pictures shared by all of you so far, so thank you for participating and linking up! Today I'm headed down the challenge list to share days 15- 19. This week was a lot of fun, but certainly had some challenging shots in it. Wanna see?

Day 15: since Tucker got to be the start of last week's photos, I thought Maggie deserved a turn this week! Her treeing walker coon hound silhouette is so pretty. And very akin to Goofy. Same diff.

Day 16: Ahh, my favorite shot. Even though it's blurry, yes. Before last week, I didn't know what a long exposure was. But nowwww, thanks to this handy dandy photo challenge, I learned that a long exposure shot is basically where you take a photo with a very long shutter duration. The effect is that it sharply captures stationary objects while holding and blurring the moving object. Or in my case, blurring it all. I opted for a 4 second shutter speed and then hit the streets to take pictures of my neighbors' cars. I'm sure they thought I was a stalker, but I kind of like my photo attempt at the long exposure! What I later learned is that I need a tripod to help me keep the stationary objects in the background from also getting blurry. I'm just happy (at this point) that I got the long exposure part down. Oh well, a good first attempt!

Day 17: a telephone pole + beautiful sunset...
I think I'll call this the "Dichotomy of the Technology Age." Deep.

Day 18: I cheated. Those aren't my shoes. They belong to my friend Ashley, who wore them at her wedding here. But I love this pictures so I had to share again!

Day 19: I think my neighbor's tree speaks for itself! Hello, gorgeous.

<a href="http://www.tenjuneblog.com" target="_blank"><img src=" http://i1143.photobucket.com/albums/n621/TenJuneBlog/PhotoChallengeButton.jpg " alt="Ten June 30 Day Photo Challenge" width="125" height="125" /></a>

Now it's time to hear from YOU! Grab a button and link up days 15- 19 of the photo challenge.

Whether you were able to take all five pictures in the challenge this week or just one, feel free to link up. And don't forget to let me know how the second week of the challenge went for you... what was your favorite picture to take? Did you have any problems with any of the challenges? More importantly, if you did have problems and sorted it out-- share your wise advice with us newbie photographers! I'll keep the link party open until next Friday, when we share days 20- 24 of the challenge. Happy picture taking!


  1. Love your Long Exposure shot! It came out fantastic! And your Silhouette shot too :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. Hi Michelle! I'm new at joining and am a little bit behind but loving the challenges! :) Your pics look great!! I am excited to see everyone's pics each week!

  3. Um--that tree? GORGEOUS. We don't get those fall colors in the tree on the coast. We have a trip planned to north ga and I can't wait! And I love that you picked your dog for a silhouette photo. Too sweet.

    Oh, and I gotta say for this weekend especially---GO DAWGS!

    I live on Saint Simons, so this little place is transformed into a little athens this weekend. We always look forward to it.

  4. Inspiring as always, can't wait to check out the rest! I was challenged this round and THANK YOU fr that! Yes I went and watched some tutorials and all...but still winging it! Love your beautiful dogs.

  5. Maggie is so cute! And your neighbors tree is gorgeous!! Happy Friday M!

  6. I agree! the long exposure was my favorite to try to take. Such a fun project!

  7. Beautiful photos! I love the long exposure one. And Maggie, aww melt my heart (:

  8. Loved your technology shot! A great idea AND a beautiful picture! Loving the orange tree also. I live in Utah so we've got some seriously vibrant colors going on as well. Isn't fall beautiful??

  9. I so wanted to try the "traffic" shot but couldn't seem to find the right spot. You did great! I'm going to try for that one next week! Really enjoying this! Thanks for getting by eye behind the lens! ;-)


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