The Genie Series: Cleverly Inspired

Thanks so much to everyone who linked up in the second week of the 30 Day Photo Challenge! All of your pictures are so inspiring. Today, I've got another blogger on board to share in the Ten June Genie Series. And don't forget to stop back here tomorrow for a fabulous giveaway! Here's a hint: if you win, you won't be looking too shabby....

So, Tracie, if a genie popped out of a bottle and granted you three wishes... what would they be?

Hmmmm... just three wishes huh?!?! This will be hard to narrow down! 
So here are my wishes, in no particular order....

1. My first wish would be to travel to Italy. I am in love with the food, language, scenery... um wine... yes please. I would love to go and spend a month just touring with my hubby. It is something we both dream about and we can't wait to experience it together since neither of us have been there!


2. My second wish would be to put an oasis in our backyard. We would love a pool and and an outdoor kitchen... maybe even a small pool house that has a bathroom and lounge area. This would be so great for the kiddos and help us to make great use of a fairly nice size yard. It would be nice to build up a bit of privacy too.

3. Ok, my third wish is a bit unrealistic... but I would love it if Golden Retrievers would not shed. I love my Putter dog, but the hair I could do without. I LOVE these puppies and I would have four if I had the space. Their smiles and love is contagious- you cannot help but be happy when you are around them!

I hope you can stop by cleverlyinspired... see ya soon!

Thanks for stopping by, Tracie! I am WITH you on that last wish... wow, if Tucker and Maggie stopped shedding, I'm pretty sure I'd be a happy camper... and Swiffer would definitely go out of business.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes to all! Those retrievers are adorable!

  2. Great series, love to meet these bloggers and get to know them better!

  3. So with her on the Golden Retriever shedding issue! Too funny! And of course, I would LOVE to go to Italy!

  4. oh yay on number 3!!!! i have two dogs and they shed like CRAZY. no matter what i do, including vacuuming every day, the house never seems clean. drives me BONKERS. and my clothes alway have fur on them. but i do love my dogs.

  5. I adore goldens....clearly (: The last one melts my heart. True though, they definitely shed!

  6. Oh yeah #3 - HA! swiffer would go out of business!


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