The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Let's start with the bad and the ugly.

I got a flat tire last night on my way home from dinner with a friend. Boo. So that meant a late night and a morning of hopping around (on a spare tire!) from tire shop to tire shop, pricing tires. You know I won't settle for anything but a good deal.

But, sadly, that means I didn't get to finish my post for the third week of the 30 Day Photo Challenge (yes, I am a last-minute blog post kind of gal, shame on me!). Of course I'll take a raincheck!

For those of you participating in the photo challenge link up, here's the new schedule:

Friday, Oct. 28th: days 15-19
Friday, Nov. 4th: days 20-24
Friday, Nov. 11th: days 25-30

I thought it might be easier to break the rest of the challenge up into smaller chunks.
What do you think- will that work for everyone?

Now onto the good...

and by good...

I mean realllly good.

Two of my favorite bloggers deserve a huge hands in the air, raise the roof kind of celebration. And they both happen to be Bay Area folks that I met last July when I was in San Francisco!

(my sis, me, Michaela)

Michaela of Michaela Noelle Designs recently refinished the dining room of an apartment in Seattle and made the space into her very own gorgeous bedroom! And if that weren't enough, the makeover was recently featured on the ginormo blog, Made By Girl. What an honor!
Check out the highlights from her fabulous new room.

She hit it out of the ballpark, didn't she?! Great job, M.

(Kate, Courtney, me)

In other fun news, my friend Courtney from Courtney Out Loud was recently featured on... wait for it... the Nate Berkus show! I'm happy to report that Nate apparently agrees with the rest of the blogging world that Courtney's fabulous home deserves a whole lot of love. It's gorgeous!

Want to see more? Check out Courtney's Nate show appearance here.

Congrats to Courtney and Michaela for being fabulous! And here's to hoping my Wednesday afternoon is a little bit smoother than my Wednesday morning.... : )


  1. Wow, both of them have insane style!! Love!! Thanks for giving me two great new blogs to read!

  2. Sorry about the tire but so glad you postponed the picture link up because I haven't done my post either. Too busy painting my oak trim white. Going to check out both blogs@ Hope you have a great afternoon!

  3. SO so sorry about the tire fiasco. Those things are never fun. I am so proud of both Michaela and Courtney. They have done such a gorgeous job!

  4. Thank you babes.....and flat tires suck major . So I need to figure out when I am making my way down to Atlanta...

  5. I feel for ya girlfriend. I had a tire blow out a couple weeks ago. Had to order the replacement! Ugh. Great features!! Love Michaela's new room and Courtney is the best! Will do my best to get pics done in time for Friday!!

  6. I feel like I just got an extended pass on my homework! Hooray! I have learned about about Bokeh this week and long exposure, thank you. However...Long exposure is not something I am sure I can produce. BUT...we shall see! WIll hold off posting till Friday! If the tire price fits...hop on it! Good luck with all! See you Friday! Dawn

  7. Aww thanks, Mich! And so sorry about your flat tire :( That is my worst nightmare. Being stuck (in the rain) with a flat tire....ahh. Hope you had a great day today! xo

  8. ahhh! that is so fabulous! i want to be a cool girl like courtney!! sucky about the flat tire... just imagine the suckiness going through life with a flat chest. see, could always be worse. :)

  9. ugh -- so sorry about the sad start...hope the day picked up. And so exciting about M and C!

  10. Ugh, I had a rough one too. And I'm also a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl as well. Such fun news and features for your blog friends!! I did see Michaela's bedroom featured on Made By Girl - how wonderful! Now I have to check out Courtney on Nate.

  11. Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Very fun features here tons of inspiration. I'll be sure to check them both out. Carrie


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