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I'm a big TV fan. I've already admitted to having the world's worst taste in television... Toddlers & Tiaras, Jersey Shore, the Kardashians... these are all on my list! Don't judge. I rarely occasionally turn on something smart like the Discovery Channel, so my brain hasn't melted completely.

Today I'm over at Centsational Girl with my monthly contributing writer article. This month, I'm chatting about two things that are near and dear to me- television and design! Have you ever pulled interior design inspiration from the TV? Head on over to Kate's to discuss!

In honor of my article, I thought it'd be fun to crash the home of one my favorite celebrity television stars- Rachel Zoe. Have y'all been keeping up with her show this season? Designer (and cutie pie!) Jeremiah Brent just redesigned Rachel's new home. It is gor-geous. As she would say... I die.

I'm also guest posting today over at Jillian's adorable blog! Jillian and her fiance just purchased a new condo (woohoo!) and I helped her design the fireplace space in her living room. I think I had some great ideas... here's a hint: it involves board and batten treatment. So head on over to Jillian's to wish her congratulations and check out my design!


  1. Loooove her home!
    Found you blog via Cornflake Dreams and am now following :)

  2. Love TV of course and yes, pull inspiration from there all the time- linking over to both of your posts:)

  3. wanna know a secret?

    my ex boyfriend dated Jeremiah...

    you read that right.

  4. LOVE Rachel Zoe's house...just gorgeous! :) And can't wait to check out your guest post over at Jillian's blog! :)

  5. Lovely! I especially love the white living room. So chic and beautiful!

    Hope you're having a fabulous week my dear!


  6. I'm heading over to Kate's - I'm always pulling inspiration from tv!

  7. What a gorgeous home! Love the pool,and the glimpse of the exterior.

  8. Heading over to check it out! I didn't know you wrote there! That is amazing!

  9. I keep a notebook next to the tv just for all of the ideas I get while watching. I totally fell in love with the glitter art on the Novograts show.

  10. Ok- also obsessed with the Kardashian's and follow Kim K on twitter. Yes, I admit it! :) I also love watching bravo and Rachel Zoe's show. Her new home is amazing! I'm off to check out your design at Jillian's blog! :)

  11. Love TV houses... this one us too fabulous... I'm pinning everything! Off to see your design!

  12. I love your idea that proposed for Jillian's fireplace - it'll brighten it up a lot.


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