Our Rental House: The Nursery Tour

Hey guys. Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks so much for your sweet, supporting words about my perspective on balancing life. I know it's a topic most of us struggle with, so I really enjoy sharing my experience with all of you!

Today I'm popping in to share some pictures of HDawg's nursery here in our rental house. Although it's one of the last rooms that I'm sharing pictures of from this house, it was actually one of the first rooms that we completely decorated when we moved in. I wanted baby H to feel right at home as quickly as possible. He made a great transition and didn't seem to bat an eye at his new surroundings!

I basically transplanted most of the furniture and design elements from his first nursery to the rental house. Even though I so, so miss his sweet baby blue walls, we decided not to repaint the walls of the rental house nursery. I think the khaki tan color (and yes, this is the color on the walls of the rest of the house!) will work for the temporary time being.

Okay, enough with the chatter. Onto some pictures!

I decided to keep the crib wall pretty simple for a few reasons. HDawg is all over the place now, pulling up and getting into everything. So I left it easy with a small family photo above the light switch (out of his reach entirely) and the mobile above the crib.

You can also see that we added a corner shelf (a kit from Home Depot) for his video monitor and noise maker. I was kind of over the crib skirt we used in the other house, so I left it off and simly shoved a basket of toys and some floor pillows (Ikea pillow covers) under the crib for easy access.

The wall next to the crib is the toy play area. I hung his quilt scrap/burlap banner from his old room (yes, yes, I blocked out his name again... sorry y'all!) above the new chevron book shelf I painted for him a few weeks ago. It still needs to be bolted to the wall with some furniture straps... actually, we need to get on a lot of baby-proofing around our house still! I also set up his sweet color-blocked rocking chair, which he loves to sit in. It's precious!

While I loved the family frame gallery wall in his old nursery, it wasn't realistic for us to put that many holes in the wall here in the rental house. So I created a new gallery wall above the dresser with some easier-to-hang (some pieces are up with just Command strips!) art.

My favorite pieces are the gentleman print I purchased from Etsy, his baby Toms shoes in the shadowbox and my DIY Atlanta art. He loves all of the colors in the gallery!

This room is actually a little bit bigger than his room at our old house, so we have a nice little rocking/reading cove on the other side of the room.

I hung his newborn Shutteryfly print above the chair. It makes me so happy to see itty bitty H newborn every day : ) I am still LOVING my DIY ottoman cover. Definitely the best sewing project I've ever done. Or maybe it's the DIY black out curtains? Either of them, especially in that sweet navy blue gingham print, are my favs!

Needless to say, I love the little bambino's room. We spend a lot of time in here so it was important to David and I that the room be cheerful and happy for little H to get his sleep and play on. 

For more information and a full source list about most of the items in the room, head over here.


  1. looks great! We also did a corner shelf for the monitor in our new house, works so much better (and safer!) Love the nook for the chair with his newborn print :)

  2. Michelle it looks great. I still love that ottoman, too. Such a cute corner with the chair. You always do things with such love. Great gallery wall. . . command strips rock, don't they!

  3. Aww I love it! The little nook for the chair and the newborn photo are awesome! H is a lucky little man!! xo

  4. What you mean his actual name is H-Dawg?!? (Kidding!) Love the nursery & the reading nook is especially cozy.

  5. This looks fabulous! I love that it has a similar feel to the last nursery, but also is fresh and new! I'm debating moving Henry's artwork about his crib. He likes to bang on it when mom doesn't get into the nursery quickly enough. Little dictator, he is. ;)

  6. Soo cute!! Love the colors and the reading nook. I'm sure he loves his fun room.

  7. So sweet! The gallery wall is my favorite part :))

  8. Adorable!! I love the little 'sitting area' :)

  9. So cute, Michelle -- I love how you're injecting your style into a rental space... very inspiring for so many renters out there!
    xo Heidi
    PS -- my fave is still your DIY Atlanta art! May have to try a Marietta one... :)

  10. I love the fabric bunting it makes such an interesting piece for the wall and you could drape it over the curtains or something for a change if you wanted to ... A home can never have enough bunting!

  11. Your rental house nursery looks way more put together than my little girls nursery that she's had for 2.5 years now! Your eye for interior decor is AMAZING! It's so adorable. Must look thru more of your blog for decor inspiration.

  12. I saw your fabric banner on pinterest which drew me to your blog! I have bookmarked and plan to come back! Thanks for the inspiration coming from another full time working mom-to-be!

  13. I'm so attracted to this creativity. So lovely..


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