Is There Such A Thing As Postnatal Nesting?

Guys, I have to admit, I'm feeling good. I've had a few crazy hormonal moments after the birth of Little Lady June (which reminds me, I still need to share her birth story with y'all!), but overall I'm really excited about starting life as a family of four.

I honestly think that a large part of my excitement is that I'm super relived to not be pregnant anymore. While I had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy, the false labor that lasted the last few weeks (including a contraction filled ice storm, a scary fall onto my belly while chasing HDawg around and three trips to the hospital prior to delivery) was really stressful. I was also dealing with the fact that my sweet little H was kind of frustrated with his momma and my lack of physical ability to play/take care/love on him as much. You can read more about my struggles with that here in a super sensitive post I wrote for BabyCenter. Oh yeah, and add to all of that that I was also as large as a house. Let's just say it was a long last month of pregnancy.

But, thankfully, our sweet little girl arrived happy and healthy. David and I look at each other and sigh "this is a dream come true!" multiple times each day. Two healthy, beautiful kiddos... you can't beat that.

So, like I said, I'm feeling good! I've got this rejuvenated spirit and I'm all excited about life. It's kind of like my new year- I'm ready to welcome spring along with a whole bunch of new fun things. A few goals and "to-do's" if you will. I know, that's kind of ambitious coming from a sleep-deprived mom of two under two! But it's the truth. What is wrong with me, I'm not sure... is there such a thing as postnatal nesting?!

I thought I'd keep myself accountable by sharing a few of these ambitious ideas and goals with y'all.

Plant a small vegetable garden on our back porch.


Print out family and Instagram photos and/or make a family photo book.

Sew Little Lady June her own DIY burp cloths (like I sewed for HDawg!).

Start meal planning and cooking again.


Clean out (sell and donate items) and organize our garage.


Toss/donate my old clothes and update my wardrobe.

 Start running again, consistently.


Pick back up on my weekly cleaning schedule.

And, of course, I have a million and ten fun little DIY decor projects on my brain, too. Follow me on Pinterest (@tenjuneblog) to see more of what ideas I'm loving these days.

So, it sounds like it may be a busy spring for me, right? I'll probably wake up tomorrow and say, ummmmm never mind, all I want to do today is nurse and watch Real Housewives. Hopefully this ambitious side of me sticks around!


  1. Leave time for lots of resting. You may feel great but your body is still healing. I remember feeling really great about 3 weeks postpartum. And i had a lot of scary bleeding. It was just my body telling me to slow down.

    1. Absolutely! I should preface that these are ideas I want to work on gradually over the next few months... obviously exercising, etc. will wait until I'm all healed! : )

  2. Postnatal nesting is totally a thing, I'm pretty sure I wrote about experiencing it too! I cleaned out our pantry, my dresser, my closet, cleaned things like the baseboards, all AFTER baby was born. Insane!

  3. We went through exactly the same thing with our son while I was pregnant with our daughter! I couldn't hang out on the floor and build train tracks or wrestle or you know, anything else little dudes like to do. It was killing me! We did a lot of art crafts at the table but he was not really at the right age for that. Then seriously, just days after having our girl we could get back to crawling around on the floor again and what a relief. People kept asking how we were surviving the newborn stage and I always said: it's so much better than being pregnant! And honestly, being a family of four just gets better and better. Just wait until they start playing together! Or when LLJ starts smiling at Hdawg, it will MELT your heart.

  4. I definitely can see wanting to do a bunch of stuff after accomplishing something as huge as HAVING A BABY. I hope you get things accomplished and also get a ton of awesome things done around the house! :)


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