The Friday Jot List

I'm not gonna lie, friends... I've pretty much only got one thing on the brain this Friday. This sweet, squishy newborn face!

Our sweet girl is doing amazing- eating, sleeping and pooping like a champ.

Big brother is adjusting well, too. We're working on "gentle touches," but for the most part he's pretty smitten with "bebe!" Check out my first attempt at parenting all three kiddos (er, two plus a fur baby) while David took a work call yesterday!

Speaking of David, he and Little Lady June are already two (sleepy) peas in a pod.

Seriously scrumptious. I'm looking forward to a weekend of more snuggles, visits from friends and family and taking LLJ's newborn pictures!

And by the way, if you're wondering why I put a big watermark across my babies' faces when I share photos here on the ol' blog, I once had someone steal a picture of HDawg as an infant and claim on Facebook that he was her sick child. She set up an organization for his cause and everything... yeah, it was really creepy. Needless to say, a big phat "PROPERTY OF TEN JUNE" watermark now when I share kiddo pics, just so no other creepsters can steal or crop. Just an FYI so you don't think I'm some paranoid weirdo. Which I am, but that's okay with me. Momma bear to the rescue! ; )

Just a reminder... send me your Tuesday at Ten June submissions for next week! I've already got a few awesome entries but I'd love to feature you and your latest awesome sauce project.

Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. she's adorable! congrats! hope you all sneak in rest when you can! :)

  2. She's SO sweet. And I am way creeped out that someone did that with your photos. Eek...I should probably watermark mine. :(

  3. She is just precious. And that story is sooooo crazy and scary. Makes me think. I should be watermarking mine, too. What is wrong with people. Back to ladyjune . . . love her. Scrumptious.

  4. So squishy!! So glad HDawg is adjusting well. He will be a great older brother!

    That is sooo freaky about the picture. I hope you called this lady out on it. How did you find out? Makes me wonder where my pictures are going

  5. She so so sweet! Have a great weekend with your wonderful family! My kids are older now, but I still love when they doze off on the couch all snuggled up next to their Dad. Melts my heart.

  6. She is gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful weekend enjoying your new babe!

  7. She is adorable!

    And great idea on the watermarking! I've known several blogging mommas that this has happened to who watermark their photos now too. I follow the blog of a girl who had her baby extremely early (I think 26 weeks?), and someone was stealing all of the pictures and made her own blog pretending the premie was her baby, including copying a lot of the stories and text from the blog. So crazy! The blogging community is so awesome in so many ways, but the creepster part of it sure is scary! I just can't even imagine how/why it would cross someone's mind to steal pictures of someone else's kid and pretend it was their own child. So strange!

  8. so sweet!!!:D

  9. She's beautiful! I remember the first time my husband left me home for a few hours with just my son and our dog. Sounds so silly now, but it was a huge anxiety inducing moment, until it happened! And I completely understand the need for the watermark. How did you know hat creepy lady was doing that?


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