Office Chair Round Up: Comfortable But Cute?

One of the major perks of working mostly from home is that I get to design my own office! Right now, I've got our big ol' amazing desk (you can see it here, the previous owners of our old home simply left behind! craziness!) and this DIY bamboo chair as my set up. But the chair just isn't cutting it for the amount of hours I spend in it. I need something more comfortable and ergonomic.

Of course, David would say just get this massive beast of a chair. And while I'm sure that would be mighty comfortable, it's also mighty ugly. So I've turned my eye towards finding a desk chair that is comfortable but cute. Does that exist?! I've got my eye on that West Elm saddle chair but would really love something that rolls. And leather would be pretty nice. The perfect chair must be out there....

I would love to hear if you have any suggestions about brands or pieces. Whose got an awesome desk chair that you'd love to share?! 


  1. Check out PB teen, they have cute options as well!

  2. If you can, go sit in the West Elm saddle chair before you get too set on it. I was smitten with the chair....until I sat in it. Not comfortable in my opinion.

  3. Decide if you are an armchair person or not. This will make or break your comfort. You can add casters to many chairs if you find one you love that doesn't roll.

  4. The white leather is super uncomfortable. It's like sitting on a piece of wood...don't get that one!


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