Kids Room/Play Room Toy Storage Ideas

Like most of you, the "new year = organized house" bug has taken over at our place. My kids must have been pretty good this year because Santa and family spoiled them silly. With all of the new toys in the house, I was anxious to purge the old and organize the new. A few weekends ago, we spent a few hours going through things and ended up donating some of their old, gently used toys to Goodwill. I picked up some new bins to make the rest of the toys look pretty and neat.

These photos are from HDawg's room, which is a large bonus room space so we've sort of turned it into the bedroom/playroom. Our downstairs toy storage system is a whole different story... let's just say we're still working on getting that area organized.

You can find these storage bins right here and here (on sale!).

Also, I used my fancy new camera lens for these photos. I've still got a lot to learn (and it was rainy and dark when I took these photos), but eventually I'd like to do a post on the basics of the lens. "Photography for this dummy" for sure!


  1. Just ordered that lens! Your pictures give me encouragement - I am a total newby to the camera (like, my new 3300 is still in the box). Would LOVE a Photography for Dummies post! FYI - I'm also a corp attorney trying to balance a new baby (well, 10 months) and the working world. Thanks for your insight and sharing.

    1. That's so awesome! Attorney mommas with the same age babies, I love it. I wish I had some amazing news about how to balance it all but you know as well as I do that motherhood is a fly by the seat of your pants thing! Good luck to you, so glad you read : ) xox

  2. Oh My God! The storage ideas are so lovely! Really adorable! Thanks for the inspiration! I want to make the room for my little girl really nice! Greets, Storage Leamouth Ltd.


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