To You From Me With Love: My Rose Gold Stationery

There ain't much in life a girl loves as much as pretty paper, am I right? After years of buying boxed cards at Target, I decided a few months ago that it was time to get my big girl panties on and get myself some personalized stationery. I found this gorgeous rose gold foiled stationery at Minted and immediately went all heart eyes. It's classic, it's simple but it's soooooo prettttty. I am now officially sending thank you notes and hello cards to everyone I know. 

I also decided to step up our family's stationery situation with some personalized "family" stationery. What's family stationery? Basically, it's a blank card with a more casual vibe to it and, of course, our last name. I landed on this black and white card with a patterned background. This is the perfect card to write thank you notes from the whole crew or even a quick note to the kids' teachers. We have used this stationery a million times in the past month or two- I can't believe we didn't have family stationery sooner! 

If you're in the market, check out Minted's stationery collection. I'm not even kidding when I say they have a million options (okay, perhaps a tad bit of exaggeration, but there are a LOT!) for you to choose from. Formal, fun, photos, color, foil... see what I mean? All I have to say is, send me a note once you choose something pretty!

Thanks to Minted for partnering up for this post.

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  1. I love personalized stationary. We have several sets for our family. Love what you chose.


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