Entry Update: Glossy Console Table + Vintage Rug

I recently added a few new accessories to our front door entryway to jazz things up in there. As a renter, there's not much you can change about the more permanent items in the house (unless you have a awesome landlord! But even then, it's not always worth your time or money to fix something up permanently that you won't enjoy permanently!). What I wouldn't give to paint the walls white, paint the bannisters and door black and somehow get rid of that orangey wood tone on the floors!

But, that's not happening. So I decided to add some fun accessories to really fix up the space. I used a glossy black spray paint to makeover a console table/desk that my father-in-law passed down to me. It was a pale yellow color (you can see the before pic here) which didn't really pack the punch of design like I was looking for. So, glossy black she went. And I love it!

I also added a new rug that I sourced from Everything But the House (post sponsor!). As I mentioned in this post, EBTH is a website that hosts virtual estate sales. Instead of having to drop by a creepy random house to sort through someone's for-sale stuff, you can shop these estate sales from your living room! Genius idea, am I right? I bid on this rug and won for $150, which is not bad at all for an excellent condition 3x5 vintage rug. #allthehearteyes

I'm totally digging our new entry space. I might be that awkward person with her front door open so all the neighbors can see this room and give me high fives as they walk by. What?! With the weather cooling down soon, that is so not weird. I promise.

Source list:
rug- Everything But the House
coat rack- Target, a million years ago
console table- handed down
basket- Ikea
pillow- Ikea
duck bookends- Target
books- vintage
blue and white planter- thrifted
lamp- Kirklands
art- UGallery
hanging art frame- DIY tutorial

Thanks to EBTH for sponsoring this post!


  1. Love it! I have 10 things I am following on our EBTH auction and I won an awesome set of chairs before for $20!

  2. Looks great! I should paint our console table black as well!

  3. That rug is amazeballs. Good eye, Mama Roth. xx


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