Favorite Back to School Gear: Preschool + Toddler

My little ones might only be in three-year-old preschool (HDawg!) and a Toddler class (Lu!), but it's still officially back to school time around here. The other day, H told me that "you go to school to learn and read a book and eat lunch and a snack." It's clear he's got his priorities straight when it comes to his education. My first back to school priority for the kids? Making sure their school gear is ready to go!

Falling in line right behind an adorable book bag and sharpened pencils, organization labels are super important to me when it comes to back to school gear. For years, I've been a fan of Mabels Labels. I use their personalized, waterproof (dishwasher proof! washing machine proof!) labels for the kids' bags, clothes, shoes, show and share items... you name it, I label it. Shown here are the customizable Write Away Labels but my favorite pack that I order each school year is the Ultimate Back to School Combo Kit.

Also, snacks are always a good idea. While I could pretend that HDawg's first question when he gets in the car after school is "hello my beautiful mother, how are you doing and can I tell you about all of the incredible things I learned today?" the truth is that he really says "what's for snack?!" I pass out easy snacks like Plum Organics Fruit & Veggie Mash Up (dairy free!) or sometimes just a banana or an apple and the kids go to town.

And, of course, it wouldn't be back to school without some snazzy new outfits. In the first photo, the kids are dressed to the back to school nines in their royal blue tops from French Toast. They've got such a classic selection, including chinos and polos, some trendy tops and of course their well-known school uniforms. I also picked up a few fall items for the kids from some of my other favorite toddler brands, including Old Navy and Gap. Some of my favorite new buys for the toddlers are listed below!

So what are your favorite back to school items for your toddlers and preschoolers?! Please tell me your kids like lunch and snack time as much as mine?

I received some of these products in connection with my role as a product scout with Savvy Sassy Moms. For more information on the product scout program, check it out here. As always, both mine and my nuggets' opinions are our own.

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