Let's Kick It: Soccer Themed Birthday Party

H told me many months ago that he wanted a soccer themed birthday party for his third birthday. With an indoor soccer complex down the street that hosts kids birthday parties, I was sold. Done and done. But when the soccer facility told me they did all of their own decorating in the party room and provided all of their own paper goods, I kind of stomped my foot and was like "butttttt I'm gonna have to bring some extra stuff." In true blogger form, I filled up that party room with all kinds of cute paper goods. Unfortunately, some terrible lighting and a rushed timeline (we had to spend awhile sanitizing the room to make it allergy friendly!) means I didn't capture the best photos. But, the joy on my child's face during the entire event makes up for it. Kid loves him some soccer! Also, clearly I'm not the soccer player in the family since I ordered football themed party gear with the thought that soccer fields also have painted yard lines.... #oops #tomatotomahto #soccerschmocker 

dairy free birthday cake and other dairy free treats, homemade (H helped!)
personalized soccer jersey, Etsy

Can we talk about how time literally flies right on out the door... HOW is my baby three?! I'm still processing that. Every day, I see the little boy he is turning into show more and more. While I miss that baby/toddler phase with him, I am so proud at what he is becoming and what lies ahead for his sweet little self. We love you, H!

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  1. This might be a dumb question, but how did you do the number three on his cake? I'm guessing wax paper? Thanks!

    1. Not a dumb question! I actually just printed the number off on computer paper and lightly set on top of the icing before sprinkling (is sprinkling a verb? ha). But wax paper would be much smarter and I think you can print on that...?!

  2. I'll try tracing onto the wax paper and if it doesn't work...all sprinkles and 3 candles! Thank you!


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