Our New Double Layer Rugs in the Living Room

One of my favorite ways to make a big change in a rental house is to switch up the rugs. Our rental house has some crazy orange toned hardwood floors (although I cannot complain... even odd colored hardwoods are better than gross carpet any day!), so it's important to keep 'em covered to add some style. We have had this rug [similar style here] in the living room (of three houses!) for the past several years, and while I love it, I was ready for a change. Plus, we are in the process of moving around the furniture in our living room (more on that later, that's another post about breaking all kinds of design rules... so ignore the furniture layout for now!) and the 8x10 size was looking a little small.

 A few weeks ago, RugsUSA had an 80% off sale (right now they have a 70% off sale, still not shabby), so I finally pulled the trigger. For a whopping $360 total (you read that right), I picked up two natural fiber large rugs- a 9x12 braided jute rug and a 6x9 shaggy wool rug. I've always wanted a jute rug in our living room, but was afraid to take the plunge in case it wasn't cush enough for the kids to roll around/play on. With the double layer rug, I get the best of both worlds. The large (inexpensive) jute rug  gave us the larger size we needed but the shag rug gave us the comfort. Double thumbs up for all that amazing texture going on, as well.

So far, we're happy. The braided jute rug has held up great so far with no issues (although I did notice a few pieces of sharp broken plastic imbedded throughout the rug?! major fail from the packaging department). The shag rug is shedding which doesn't really bother me (we've got Tucker dog hair I have to manage on a daily basis, so a little extra fuzz doesn't phase me) but Little Lady June freaks out when the fuzz gets on her hands. Any suggestions about how to minimize the shag rug shedding?

All in all, I'm happy with the purchase. I think the new rugs bring a fresh, modern pop to the living room. We have since moved around the furniture since the temporary set up you see here, so ignore that and stay tuned for some further living room revamp action.

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  1. Love the layered look with my two favorite rug styles- natural woven + moroccan. Looks great.

    Blue Door Living


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