Building Our House: And the Walls Went Up

[because someone will ask... hi mom!... here's what room each of these photos is: 1. keeping room 2. breakfast nook 3. standing in kitchen looking at living room 4. Lu's room 5. laundry room 6. master bathroom 7. living room looking into kitchen 8. master bedroom]

I just can't stop the 19 year old in me from singing "to the windooooooooow, to the WALL! till the sweat drops down my..." okay, okay, I'll stop. But seriously. This post is about walls. It doesn't sound that exciting and, much like the framing process, there's really not a lot to say about it on my end. This was one of those phases we sat back and watched and thought, wow. This looks like a house! This is happening! FYI, these photos were taken before the drywall was taped and mudded, so these are the rough edges. It got a lot prettier, I promise ; )

Enjoy this short post, though, because I have a lot to say about what's coming up in the process: paint choices, trim design, tile and counter selections, lighting and flooring sources, plumbing choices/sources... oh, it's all coming! I've taken a million photos along the way and I can't wait to share them with you.

Spoiler alert... I think I've mentioned it before, but I'm not blogging real time. Life got craaaazy during the build (read: choosing all of the paint and trim and tile and counters and lights etc. etc.), so now I'm working backwards and documenting the process. Which brings me to two things. 1) WE'RE MOVING INTO THE HOUSE THIS WEEKEND! YES! THIS IS HAPPENING! Follow me on Instagram for real-time updates. and 2) WHAT do YOU want to hear about the build process? Let me know what subjects you want me to blog about in detail. Or what subjects you don't want to hear about at all, like "Michelle. Just show us the pretty, finished house." I want to chat about what's helpful to you, so let me know!


  1. I want to know EVERYTHING!!!! Spill all the details, good, bad, and ugly. I love building houses and would like to do #5 in this style. I love what I have seen so far.

  2. We are also in the process of building our dream farmhouse, only in Nebraska! It's great to follow along with you and compare because our styles are very similar. Congrats on moving in this weekend! What an amazing feeling that must be...I WISH we were that far! We don't have dry wall up yet but the house is framed and wrapped. It's been quite a process so far. Congrats again and ENJOY!


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