Building Our Farmhouse: Tile + Grout Sources

Hey friends! Some of the most-asked questions about our new farmhouse so far are about sources and information for our tile and grout. So here we go! A full source list for all of the tile selections we made in our house. As an FYI, I sourced all of the tile myself (outside of the selection presented to us by our builder's tile installation company) for a few different reasons. I've got a whole post drafted which shares the pros and cons behind sourcing your own materials, coming your way! Let me know if you have any questions about the peaks of the rooms you're seeing and I'll answer them when I finish up the reveal for each room in the house. Until then, all the tile + grout sources coming right atcha.

laundry room floor tile
laundry room grout: Delorean Gray

guest bathroom floor tile
guest bath floor grout: Bright White
guest bathroom shower wall tile
guest bath wall grout: Delorean Gray

kitchen backsplash tile
kitchen grout: Cape Gray

master bathroom floor (and shower trim) tile
master bathroom shower wall tile
master bathroom shower floor tile
master bathroom grout (all): Rolling Fog

both kids' bathroom shower wall tile
both kids' bathroom floor tile
both kids' bathroom grout (all): Cape Gray

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