On the Road: Savannah Style

Early in August, David and I loaded up the car and headed down to south Georgia to move my little sister into her freshman dorm room. Remember the DIY dorm room art I gifted her with for the big move? Yes, yes, I am a sappy one :)

Anyways, while we were down in the southern part of our lovely Peach State, we decided to take a little road trip over to Savannah. I've been to Savannah a number of times, but usually spend most of my time on River Street (whaaat, you were in college too!) and not admiring the beauty of this historic city. And, Savannah is considered a "sister city" of my all-time favorite city in the world- Charleston, South Carolina (where I went to college- go Cougars!)- so that just gave me even more reason to spend some time exploring Savannah.

Most of our trip, we just walked and walked and walked and walked around the city, admiring all of the insanely gorgeous architecture.

Check out those ivy covered stairs! Ah-ma-zing!! Definitely adding this to my "wish list!"

All of this historic architecture certainly does remind me so much of my sweet Charleston! In case you all were wondering, this is the house I asked David to buy me.

And he said yes. Or, he laughed and said only when we win the lottery. Hey, a girl can dream, right?! Isn't the exterior black trim to die for? I saw it all over the city and just fell in love.

Oh and don't forget all of the gorgeous, Spanish moss covered oak trees!

I'll take one of those in my front yard, please. We also visited the beautiful and famous Forsyth Park.

There is an adorable cafe in Forsyth Park that we stopped at for a little refreshment. How cute are these chairs?! I want one for my office desk!!

And what do you think about this architecture?

This sweet little house is actually the lighthouse keeper's cottage (and lighthouse in the background!) on Tybee Island. As a matter of fact, my grandfather used to be the Tybee Lighthouse keeper back in the late 1950's! Seriously! I've been to visit the lighthouse several times with my family, but I was super excited to take David back to see it.

So David, my sister and I headed out to Tybee Island while we were down in Savannah. As fate would have it, we arrived to visit on a Tuesday morning- the one day of the week that the lighthouse is closed to the public! As we parked our car and started to get out, a gentleman who was repainting the fence around the lighthouse actually yelled out, "Sorry guys! We're closed today!" My sweet husband yelled back-  “Sir! I know you’re closed today, but these girls are actually granddaughters of a lighthouse keeper who was here in the 1950’s.” A big smile broke across the face of the man, “Oh! Well, they must be Godfreys. Come on in!” That's right, I'm a Godfrey- grandaughter to Bobby Godfrey. So we all trekked in and spent a little time exploring the lighthouse! It is really cool to think that my grandparents lived here for awhile. In fact, legend has it that my grandmother actually became pregnant with my father while living at the lighthouse! Here is my sister and I in front of the lighthouse on our visit. 

How cool is that!?! If you're ever out in Savannah, you've GOT to go check out the Tybee Lighthouse. And if it's closed, I won't mind if you tell them you're a Godfrey ;)

Of course, we also did a little shopping while we were roaming the streets of Savannah and I collected some fun trinkets to bring back to our casa. You can read about a couple of the amazing stores we visited while we were there in this postIn a nutshell, that was our trip to Savannah! Have any of you ever spent time in this sweet southern city?

David and I are always on the go and I can't wait to share some of the other amazing places we've been and some of the amazing places we'll be visiting in the near future. I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I am totally in love with Savannah, but have not been in years. It is definitely on the hubby's and my trip list!

  2. I've never been:( But I'm DYING to go! It's been a topper on my trip wish list for a while, and seeing all these lovely pictures makes me want to go even more!! And I know who to ask about all the best things to see & do:)

  3. beautiful photos + lovely blog. following you via gfc would love for you to consider following me too (-:

  4. Savannah is my favorite city! We lived there 10 years. My hubby proposed in front of the fountain at Forsythe Park. I love visiting Savannah. It's such a dreamy romantic place. Beautiful photos!

  5. Katie & Lauren- you definitely need to put it on your "to visit" list for the near future! It is too wonderful to miss.

    Tammy- that is INCREDIBLY romantic that you were engaged at the fountain! David and I discussed how beautiful and perfect an engagement or wedding would be in that location. Big props to your hubby! :)

    xo- M

  6. Lovely post! Your pictures are beautiful. Now I want to visit the South! I listened to the audio book of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" on a road trip once and it sounded beautiful; your pictures are exactly how I pictured it!

    I'm visiting from NFF. Have a great weekend!

  7. I just read "Kiss River" by Diane Chamberlain which is all about a Lighthouse and the Keeper's family. I look at lighthouses so differently now ;-)

    I LOVE me some Savannah and Charleston. I think Charleston is the one place I would pick up and move tomorrow for! My brother lives there now and my husband went to Johnson & Wales when it was still there.

    Looks like y'all had a great time!!


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