True Love

My sweet hubby...

...spent his entire Sunday in our master bathroom with...

...tearing up the four inches of concrete and wire meshing that lay beneath...

...which he turned into a pile of concrete like...

... (only kidding, the rubble pile was not that big!) when he could have been watching...

... or even doing....

If that isn't true love, I don't know what is! Thank you, honey!!!! You rock!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of this weekend's handywork ready to share yet, but check out this post or this post for updates on our bathroom renovations thus far!

PS. Thanks to Rambling Renovators for featuring our office on their "Love List!" Such an honor :)


  1. hmmm I was actually AT that game yesterday! Is your hubby an Atlanta fan or EAGLES?? lol
    I cant wait to see after pics.. such a good hubby!

  2. so cute. What a guy!!!! Mine was watching football for sure! You guys are super cute.

  3. Love it! Mine spent the afternoon sorting huge boxes of clothes so that we could finally clear some storage space! Of course, he did so distractedly while watching Predator 1 & 2, but we got it done! :)

  4. Thanks guys!! He is the best :) What would all of us DIYers do without helpful husbands, friends and family?!

    Tana- David and I both grew up outside of Atlanta, so we are Falcons fans!! But honestly, I think he'd tell you he was rooting for whomever would help him in fantasy football! :) Hope you had fun at the game!

  5. That is so sweet! How nice that he can do that!!!!

  6. What a sweet husband! Love renovations! Well at least watching them!!! Can't wait to see more!


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