My Weekend: Fall in the South

How much do you love a beautiful fall weekend? It makes starting the week (especially on a rainy, dreary Monday!) a little bit easier. This weekend, I did so many fun things- spent some amazing quality time with my nieces, watched UGA win against Kentucky (Go Dawgs!), walked away from church Sunday morning filled with joy-- we sang "How Great Is Our God", which is one of my favorites!, and got a lot of things done around the house.

On Saturday, David and I, along with my brother-in-law, Greggory and his girlfriend, Brooke, took our nieces to Jaemor Farms.  The farm has a corn maze, pumpkin patch, tractor hayrides, a food market, and lots of fun games for the kiddos.

Of course, I took a ton of pictures. Here are the twins celebrating a victorious turn in the middle of the corn maze (we let them lead the way, which actually got us through in less than an hour!).

The pumpkin patch.

And here are the sweet little pumpkins we picked out, already out on our front porch steps.

The farmers market part of the farm was definitely my personal favorite.

The market had lots of fun fall gourds.

And, of course, lots of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.

They had some absolutely beautiful mums.

And ohhhh, the Southern food.

Boiled peanuts.

Fried peach pies.

And yes, the fried peach pie tasted as good as it looks :) We also got some homemade apple butter, which is just perfection on top of a fresh, homemade biscuit.

On the home front, I'm excited to say that I'll have our big reveal pictures of Operation Paint Project: Part One ready tomorrow! I'm so excited to share- our work is finally paying off and we're more than happy with the results so far.

What kind of fun did you get into this weekend?


  1. Love all of those pictures. Especially the mums. So cute. Our weekend went much too quickly. Managed a date night so that is a great weekend in my book! Happy Monday!

  2. oh FUN! I love the pumpkins and I acutally picked that same white-ish pumpkin. Any idea what kind it would be?? lol

  3. We did the same thing this weekend, so fun to and fall festive!

  4. Adorable picture of your girls!!! they are too cute. Looks like a fun weekend, I love all the colors!

  5. Just came by to say welcome to blog land. Brenda at Cozy Little House blog rolls out the welcome mat to new bloggers she finds and let's us know who they are. I was scrolling down through your posts. Very nice kitchen redo. I live in Georgia, too and recognized Jaemoor Farm before you showed the sign at the end. We went there, too to get some pumpkins and mums. My daughter and son in law are huge Ga. fans, too. Have fun in Fla. Go Dawgs!!

  6. I went out to the cider mill to buy apple butter last weekend too. :-)


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