Friday Find

Earlier this week, I was flipping through my latest issue of Country Living magazine (great publication, by the way) and saw the coolest thing. I just had to share!

Have you ever picked up an old, funky lamp base from Goodwill, hoping to come up with a project for it someday? If you're like me, the answer is: yes, about 12 of them. Well, here's a new idea!

Sorry for the grainy iPhone pic, but you're looking at a light bulb candle! This candle (which you can pick up here) actually has a metal base so you can screw it into any old lamp base. With no rewiring needed, of course. How genius (and easy) is that? 

Looks like I need to pick up a few of those candles for my lamp base stash!

How much do you love this idea? What other deals and great ideas have you found this week?


  1. Oh my gosh I love this! How cool are those candles?! I'm just a tad lamp obsessed so I can see these light bulb candles turning into a problem for me. ;)

  2. Omg those are hilarious! I love how tongue-in-cheek they are. Cool find!

  3. Very cute! I have never seen anything like this before - cool idea!

  4. How cool! Wish I could think up ideas like that! Thanks for sharing!


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