It's Love Day, Baby

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

I'm not too big on this day of love (yes, yes, I'm one of those "this is a Hallmark created holiday" + "you should show your love everyday" cynics) but I'm happy to share in all of the fun treats that come with it! Those Dove shaped chocolate hearts have pretty much been my best friend over the last week ; )

I probably should have pointed this out sooner, but if you're looking for some last minute gift ideas (or have an upcoming birthday or anniversary gift to give), check out my "Not So Valentiney" series from last year! I featured some fun DIY love projects, including:

Hope all of you have a great day sharing something sweet with the ones you love! xo

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  1. Loved all your ideas last year! Have a great day!!

  2. I'm right there with you, not a big fan of today, instead buy me flowers when they don't cost twice as much and not every other person on the planet is getting flowers that day too. Hope you enjoy some more dove heart chocolates today, Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! If nothing else, such a great excuse to enjoy a yummy treat or two :-)

  4. so happy to see that someone shares my valentine's day sentiments...i'll take the sweets, not the red roses or the oversized teddy bear

  5. Thanks for sharing some ideas. Also, don't be a cynic ;) xo

  6. Aw I remember that series! happy Valentine's Day!!!! :)

  7. Happy V Day! I'm with ya on the whole Hallmark thought train, but it's fun to mark the day anyway. Hope yours is wonderful. :)


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