Rustic + Glam Christmas Mantel & A Mantel Link Party


Welcome, welcome to the second annual holiday mantel link party! 

This year, I decided to do things a little different with my mantel. As you know, David, HDawg, Tucker and I are no longer using our formal living room but are instead using the slate room as our main family room. I guess I didn't think this one through for Christmastime, but there is no mantel in the slate room. Womp womp. But it's okay, because I figured out a different, more awesomer way to hang our stockings down in the slate room. But more on that later.

That leaves the mantel in our formal living room. And since this space is now our formal living room, how about we class up the mantel with some formal holiday decor? Well, nothing screams formal to me more than some classy golddddd. Oh yeah, keep it classy, San Diego.

The whole idea for the mantel came when I picked up these pieces of weathered ash bark at the Country Living Fair back in October. The pieces are dried out and then were splashed with gold paint by the artist who created them. Aren't they gorgeous? I think the juxtaposition of the rustic, natural bark with the shiny gold paint is just fabulous. Ooh, using big words... see, I am classy today.

In between some white-lit faux evergreen garland, I lined up a collection of glass candlestick holders, which I filled with my DIY striped glitter candlesticks.

Then I simply added a few easy touches, like glass vases filled with gold ornaments and a couple of beautiful mercury glass candle holders I found at HomeGoods (for $6.99 each, woot!).

A rustic glam mantel like this is totally out of my comfort zone, but I love the way it turned out! I even added a few splashes of gold throughout the rest of the room, just to tie it all in together.

And here's a step back to view the entire mantel.

Well, actually, let's keep it real. Add in a few car seats and baby toys, please.

So there you have it! My 2012 Christmas mantel, in all of it's rustic glam classiness.

In case you're curious, here's my mantel from 2011:

Now for the fun part. It's time to see your holiday mantel! And if you don't have a fireplace mantel, feel free to link up your decorated fantels... you know, your faux mantels. Countertops, ledges, bookshelves, you name it. If it's a fantel and it's decorated, link it up! I plan to feature some of my favorite mantels next week, so bring your A game! : )

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  1. LOVE the birch!!! so pretty! and i love the pop of red in the car seat.

  2. Such a lovely mantel! I really love the birch and natural elements...and the glitter! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Love it especially the birch - but the important thing is where is H Dawg's first stocking??

    1. Thanks, Laurie! Like I said in the post above, we're hanging our stockings, including HDawg's first stocking!, in the slate room this year : )

  4. You have such an eye for this. Your mantel looks awesome. And thanks for hosting. Can't wait to check out other blogs.

    Oh and I'm totally doing this while feeding. So score one for multitasking.

  5. I really like the birch too! You did an awesome job mixing rustic and glam!

    Thanks for hosting!

  6. love your rustic mantel, and the new color combo. thanks for hosting!

  7. Michelle, your mantel looks just beautiful! I'm amazed that you could come up with that kind of attention to detail while taking care of a tiny one. :)

    I've heard so many nice things about you from so many different people, so I was glad to learn of this party. Thank you for hosting!

  8. Your mantle looks stunning I love the colour pallette its modern and classy. Great styling :) I dont have a mantle myself so Im sharing my tv cabinet faux mantle instead!

  9. So pretty! I love the Birch and Gold! It's funny because I used to hate gold, but now I am in LOVE with it! Thanks for hosting, I love finding other blogs through these parties :)

  10. Beautiful mix of glam and rustic! I love that tree bark. :) This is my first time to your blog and I'm happy to join the link party! Merry Christmastime.

  11. Very pretty and sparkly! Love it! Thanks for hosting!
    Cheers! - Shelley

  12. So pretty, Michelle! Thanks for hosting. Excited to take a look around these links after class :)

  13. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I especially love the mercury glass candleholders. Great price, too!

  14. Looks great, M!! Love all the gold...but I'm part-Liberace, so you knew I would. :) Thanks for hosting!!! Sorry I was a wee-bit late!

  15. I love love love that weathered ash bark, so beautiful! And rustic glam is my favorite kind of Christmas decor, I think I called it rustic sparkle last year!

  16. Thanks for hosting! I adore your blog :) xo Kristin

  17. Love love love LOVE your mantel!! That gold flecked bark is amazeballs, I'd keep it up year-round. Rustic glam is the best of both worlds--classy yet modern. You did it up right.

    I want to give you an awkwardly long hug for the shot of the carseat (we're a Chicco carseat household too woot) AND for the Ron Burgundy reference........yep, still hugging.....shhhh, just give in to it.


  18. Ah Michelle! Such a good job! Love the incorporation of all of the gold!

  19. For the life of me I cannot get the Inlinkz to work! Off to catch a flight so I probably can't join the party but your mantel looks fabulous!!! (Here's mine just incase

    Thank you Michelle!!

  20. It looks great Michelle! Im loving Silver and Gold this year too! p.s. fab-u rug!!

  21. Love gold and silver together, your mantel looks so pretty! Just discovered your blog and link party via Michelle of Jarrah Jungle blog. What a great idea for a link party!

  22. Thank you for hosting this part of the Holiday link up! Enjoy your blog! :)


  23. I love the birch panels! Your mantel looks very glam indeed.
    Thank you for hosting this party! Have a wonderful Christmas time.

  24. The bark is beautiful - love that you let it be the star :)

  25. Oh, how I envy those of you with beautiful (real) mantels to decorate!! I am loving your birch touches. So fantastic.
    Better late than never, I wanted to share my faux mantel (is that what a fantel is?!) solution for my rental home:


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