Country Living Magazine Fair

What do you get when you add a bajillion awesome antiques + crafts, a field full of creative women and some gorgeous fall weather? Why, the Country Living magazine fair, of course! 

This past weekend, I spent my Saturday at Stone Mountain Park (right outside of Atlanta) at the Country Living Fair. I went with one of my favorite favorite girls, Katelyn. I couldn't have picked a better partner to attend the fair with- we had a ball! Or really, we had a pumpkin....

A bunch of local bloggers met up for the event, but I was running a tad behind (blame it on the baby, of course!) so we missed meeting up with them.

The fair was essentially a collection of demonstrations and presentations by Country Living Magazine editors on all of our favorite Country Living topics. I honestly didn't get a chance to experience any of the presentations fully... I was too wrapped up in the other part of the fair: the shopping.

There were hundreds of amazing vendor booths set up throughout the fair with goods ranging from rustic antiques to funky crafts to sensational food.

I kind of wanted to buy everything within the fair grounds, but instead I bought a couple of fun little decor items. One of my favorite buys was this "you are my sunshine" sign. Perfect to hang in my house for me to sing to my two boys!

While I didn't bring it home with me, I drooled over this chair. Amazeballs.

And I probably should have taken the vintage "M" sweater home with me. Represent.

While the vendors and presenters were from all over, I loved the southern touch everything had. A natural cotton garland? Only in the south, baby. How pretty would that look on my mantel?! 

Oh and don't forget the food... Katelyn and I chowed down on some BBQ for lunch. Yum.

All in all, I'd say the fair was a success. I got a few cute things (more on those later!) and had an amazing day with one of my favorite girls. It was actually the longest I've been away from little HDawg... but he and his daddy spent the day shopping for suits (dang those Jos. A. Bank suit sales and their control over my husband!) and watching the Georgia bulldogs KICK FLORIDA'S BUTT!

And because I think it's hilarious... I had to pump in the car during the middle of our day (yes, I said that... I pumped in my car in the fair parking lot... you're thinking thank goodness you didn't walk by that, right?!) and my pump ran out of batteries. Yeah, total fail. Katelyn and I wandered back into the fairgrounds searching for batteries, only to realize that none were being sold. We stopped to ask the information booth if they knew where I could buy batteries (I think they thought it was for a camera or something... good thing they didn't pry too much, ha!) and they graciously gave me some. So if you're out there reading this, wonderful fair workers... thank you!

Thanks to Country Living Magazine (my favorite publication, ev-er!) for hosting such a fun day!


  1. Yes.. that chair is fantastic! I would love to take in something like that.. my favorite way to spend a Saturday:)

  2. SO envious!! What a cool place to shop and get inspiration. Looks like you all really had a blast, er, a pumpkin. ;) And LOL about having to pump in the car. Isn't it the worst to be on that schedule or else you might explode?!

    Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

  3. That garland is so unique! Love the custom chair!

  4. Looks like an amazing time! And I'm seriously drooling over that sandwich!

    Too funny that you had to pump in the car haha! So glad you were able to find batteries!

  5. Two years in a row I've missed it! UGH!! Glad you had a good time.

  6. This looks like such an amazing time!!!! Hope you had a blast.


  7. This looks SO awesome! I wish we had something like this in Miami, haha.
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  8. Sorry we missed you, it was such a fun day and totally perfect weather. My first time there, really enjoyed it!

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  10. I was so bummed to miss this, Michelle! Looks like fun!! I was in Auburn with my hubs and parents watching TX A&M kick AU's bootie... not fun for the hubs but the folks loved it!
    Hope i can catch this next year!
    xo Heidi

  11. It looks like so much fun. Can't wait until I move to Atlanta next summer so I can be there in the fall.


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