{DIY} Bamboo Sunburst Mirror

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I did it. Jumped on the sunburst bandwagon. I couldn't resist! I think this super-sized version of the DIY sunburst is exactly what my newly painted dining room wall needed.

I followed Janell's tutorial but switched up a few things. Instead of using regular sticks, I used bamboo sticks (a bundle from Michael's was only $4 with a coupon). FYI, the mirror is a Target clearance special ($9.99). 

I spray painted the sticks a metallic silver color, instead of a flat white.

And as you can see, I just about doubled the size of the sticks as compared to Janell's mirror- I knew I wanted the sunburst mirror to go in the dining room and, therefore, it had a lot of space to fill. So, I decided: go big or go home! I know that I need more art on the walls to help balance out the dramatic mirror (and I need to change out that light fixture! I'm working on it!), but I think this is a good start.

I know it's not perfect, but neither were the shape of the bamboo sticks that make up the mirror. Each stick sort of bends in its own direction, so it was a chore to get them to lay in a semi-straight pattern.

For example, see the little gap on the top of the mirror? Both sticks are rolled out in opposite directions, leaving a little space. Awww, it's sort of like a kid with no front teeth, isn't it?! See, now you love my not-so-perfect mirror too! 

I kind of love the fact that it's not perfect- it gives the mirror lots of dimension and personality :)

And I really love how it looks in my dining room!

I know the sunburst mirror is outdone, but I love my special bamboo version. What do you think?!

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  1. I love the large scale and the different look thanks to the bamboo! It's so cute!

    And everything's loading just fine for me :)

  2. Wow! That looks great. I initially thought you bought that mirror.

  3. That is stunning! It makes such a fantastic impact on your beautiful room. Megan

  4. love it! I hope to finish mine this week- weather isn't permitting spray paint so I have to hand paint it all. BOO.

  5. it looks so... home made, ugh not a fan of this one TenJune :(

  6. This is an AWESOME addition to your room. I love that color blue. The imperfections of the sunburst make it PERFECT!!!!! The inspiration is much appreciated!

  7. Hi there - what size was your mirror?


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