{DIY} Moustache Drinking Glass Tutorial

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As I'm sure you guys have noticed, I'm a big fan of DIYing my way through things. So, it was kind of natural for me to throw in a few do-it-yourself Christmas presents for friends and family this year.

For the record, I know I'm incredibly frugal most of the time. But, I promise!!, the DIY Christmas gift approach was not just my attempt at being a complete and total cheap-o. Many of these were gifts that were made in addition to other presents or were "handmade" gift exchanges, where most people brought baked goods. Just wanted to throw that out there :)

Throughout the last few months, I've been bookmarking ideas that I've seen out in blog world, with thoughts like- "ohh, my mom would LOVE that!" and "what a wonderful gift idea!" So, I decided it was high time to get my glue gun out and actually make some of these projects come to life.

So, THANK YOU for having such wonderful ideas, my friends.
Because, thanks to you, I just copycatted my way through Christmas : )

my gift to my sister

thanks to Jen over at Tatertots & Jello

When I saw this post on Jen's blog, I knew I had to recreate this fabulous gift for someone. And the perfect candidate became my little sister, Callie. She's a freshman in college (remember the dorm room art I made her back in August?) who is always in need of basic house items for her dorm room. Plus, she loves to ham it up with her roommates, so you can see that this is the perfect little gift.

-drinking glasses (I got mine in a 12 pack at WalMart for $8)
-glass paint (I used the Folk Art Enamel brand, sold at most craft stores)
-paint brush
-some mad moustache-making skillz

All ya gotta do is paint away to your heart's desire! I used an enamel-based glass paint, so after I made a masterpiece out of each glass, I let the paint dry for about an hour. Then, I threw the glasses on a cookie sheet and put them in my room temperature* oven at 350 degrees for about thirty minutes.

*HINT: don't put the glasses into a hot oven!! They would blow up or something and that would be bad news!

This makes the paint completely dishwasher safe.

Seriously, how awesome are these glasses?!

And they're even better when they're being used and the drinker because the moustache-wearer!!

Love it. I think she'll have fun with that one!


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