{DIY} Painters Tape Abstract Art

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 I've been trying for the last couple of months to find some inexpensive art for my dining room walls. My first thought in terms of keeping the cost down on the project was to DIY the art myself. But I'm certainly not a true artist, so it was time to get creative. Armed with some painters tape, I created....

My own little DIY striped paint art!

What you need to complete this project: a blank canvas, ScotchBlue painters tape and paint! This project should run you less than $15 altogether. Simply use the painters tape to create patterns along your canvas. I chose a somewhat contemporary pattern with uneven, criss-crossed stripes.

Make sure you press the seams of the tape down well before you paint. I took the lazy route and actually chose to spray paint my canvas. This probably wasn't the best option, as the spray paint will easily work its way around and under the edges of the tape. Call it users error! I think the best bet would be to use a more consistent (ie. non spray) paint for a perfect, crisp finish.

As soon as I finished painting, I pulled the tape off of the canvas while the paint was still wet. I've always found that using the "pull the tape off while the paint is wet" approach is the best when it comes to allowing the paint to dry in straight, definitive lines (like in our office!). Then I let the spray paint dry and touched up the white areas with acrylic craft paint. The final project result? 


I absolutely love the bold painting next to my more subtle stenciled wine rack. It also looks great with the other art in the room, including my DIY sunburst mirror.

I think the piece works great in the dining room- it adds another dimension of pattern and fun. And it doesn't hurt that it was an inexpensive, less than $15 DIY! What do you think?!


  1. Well, I have lived in my home for almost 2.5 years and have VERY few pictures on the wall. My kitchen is so bare and boring, I would love to add a picture wall to display pictures of family and kids.

    I would also LOVE to get some of the plates made for my son and have pictures of his friends on the plates- such a cool idea! I didn't know that Shutterfly did that!

    Whitneyhalebrock at gmail dot com

  2. I love it! I would totally steal this idea, if I had anymore room left on my walls...


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