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Do you know how hard it is to do things with just one hand? It's amazing how quickly I've learned to balance eight grocery bags on one arm, to chicken peck my way through an email and to open the milk gallon with two fingers! What am I talking about? Life as a new momma... with one arm constantly holding the baby, handling even the smallest task just isn't the same!

But one thing I can do? My iPhone. I can text, email and surf the Internet all with one hand. It's amazeballs. Although, I still haven't figured out how to leave comments on your blogs via my phone (Kim recommended the Newsify app which is great, but I still can't figure out an easy way to comment without logging into Blogger... any suggestions?).

My favorite one-handed iPhone task is, hands down (ha), Pinterest. Word to your motha. I have logged many a late night hour blowing up your Pinterest feed over the last few weeks, people. And my goodness have I found some major stuff. Like, borrow Baby H's burp cloth to wipe up my drool kind of major.

 via Kris Kraft

In addition to beautiful interiors, Pinterest is also good for fun tips and tricks. I love pinning informative stuff like this "how to mix patterns" tool on my Tips, Tricks & Tutorials board.

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Alright, spill the beans. What have you been drooling over lately?


  1. When my babies were little, my iPhone became my bestie too! Now they are a little older I can work more on my laptop. However, I still only check Pinterest on my phone. I don't know why, maybe because old habits die hard. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Yes, juggling is something you will become VERY good at. Loving that photo from House Beautiful!!

  3. Love all of these images {especially the first one}! Pinterest is my friend. Just started following your boards. Have a great weekend!

  4. Girl! Where's your Moby Wrap? Where's your ergo?

    It took me 10 weeks to start using those tools but once I did - phew - LIFE CHANGING! Seriously. Buy one or both and it will be the best $100-$150 investment of your parenting life. Babies are so, so happy when worn and mamma and daddy are even happier because TWO HANDS! Seriously, it's the best. And the first time you head to the mall and get to leave the stroller behind - breeze through the stores, don't fret finding an elevator or a ramp or getting some one to hold the door open for you? MAGICAL!

    (Baby may fret for a moment in the new contraption - mine did - but put baby in and then immediately go for a walk (around the house/around the block). If my kid had a visible thought-bubble, I'm pretty sure it would've read "stop! what is this! I hate it! wait? this is nice. Getting . . . so . . .drowsy . . so cozy . . .zzzzzzz." If you have a baby bjorn - skip that one and invest in an Ergo or something like it where baby's developing spine and pelvis are properly supported and the weight is appropriately distributed on parents' back and shoulders. No Bjorn-Dangling for your little boy's bits. Ouchy. I don't work for this company, I'm not a shill, just a true believer. My kid is 2.5 and she still rides in the Ergo. Saved our lives and my sanity. Truly)

  5. LOL @cd. We love our Moby and Ergo, too. The iPhone is totally the best way to pass the time during marathon feeding sessions.

  6. That white desk is so cool. I am love pinterest for many reasons. One of them is easy browsing! xo
    ~ Herman Swan


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