Hot Momma Series: I Need Makeup & Skin Care Advice!

Hi friends! Happy Friday. As you know from my proclamation here, I've made it my personal quest in 2013 to better my personal appearance. That sounds totally superficial, but after spending 2012 growing and delivering a baby, I thought I'd treat my body to looking fab in 2013.

Yeah, that's just me being SUPER pregnant last August.

Sometimes it's not that easy to stick with this resolution. After all, HDawg prefers spit up on all of my clothes, isn't a big fan of waiting for me to get ready and generally prefers my hair like this.

But, when I can, I try to make an effort. So far, I've worked on sprucing up my hot momma fashion and I got a new hair style. Now I'm ready to up my game when it comes to makeup and skin care. There's just one problem. I totally suck at makeup and skin care. Like, I'm clueless. I realized the other day that I've been using the same Clinique foundation product that I started using when I was 15. Um, yeah. Time to update my makeup routine for this almost thirty year old!

Speaking of being almost thirty, I also need to work on my skincare routine. I have zero clue where to even begin at my age to treat and prevent aging on my skin. 

Here is where you guys come in. I would love to do some research, test some products and come back to all of you with the results. And the inner hippie in me would really like to try and stay away from chemical-ridden products and stick with the more natural stuff that is out there. But where do I start? Do you have any ideas about products you've seen out there that you've been wanting to try? Any tips or suggestions about products you use religiously? Have you seen any blog posts or magazine articles lately that have inspired you or been informative about makeup or skin care? Please feel free to email me or leave some ideas or links in the comments if you've got any insight. I'd really appreciate if you could help me get started on this makeup and skin care journey!


  1. Kathy's blog is a GREAT resource (! I also really love Korres, Tarte, & Josie Maran for makeup + skincare. Oh, Boscia is amazing too! For lotion, I just slather on some organic coconut oil, no joke!

  2. Prescription retinol is the most effective anti-aging product you can use. Try differin 3% at night with Cereve PM moisurizer. In the AM just use a good sunscreen like Elta or Shiseido.

  3. Coconut oil is supposed to be an amazing natural moisturizer. I haven't tried it yet but have been wanting to. I'd love to hear your review!

    1. It supposedly prevents wrinkles, too. Google it and you'll find tons of information. I use it around my eyes before I go to bed at night and I love it.

  4. I have to say I have a ton of friends that use Rodan and Fields. I turn 30 this year and finally broke down and purchased the ReDefne. I L-O-V-E it, my skin has never been more soft and clean. It is from the creators of Proactiv and this line has a system for every skin type and is perfect for our age group. They have been featured in every major magazine, one of Oprah's favorite things, and the 'ReDefine MARCRO Exfoliator' is in this month's InStyle as the must have skincare item for Spring. You can see more details here ( Email me if you are interested or having any questions. Seriously these products are great!!

  5. I just started using L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream and I'm pretty in love with it. It kind of replaces foundation for me and I think it will be really easy to use in the summer while boating and camping. I just rub it on like face lotion and after waiting a couple of minutes apply powder on top of it.

  6. I love the clarisonic mia. Best thing ever for my skin which got huge dry patches after I had my babies. For foundation, I use everyday minerals. I'm currently using their jojoba base and really like it.

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  8. My mother instilled in me the best advice ever when I was maybe 12 or 13 - moisturize every day, morning and night. That's really the most important.

    My go-to skincare routine is fairly simple. I use a gentle facial wash every morning and night- Cetaphil is a godsend, then I use a toner before applying moisturizer. It makes my skin feel refreshed and firm and generally amazing.

    My favorite toner is from Boots- a skin brightening solution. Then, I use St. Ives Collagen Elastin - all fairly inexpensive but works amazing!

    I'm also pretty make-up inept, so I stick to tinted moisturizer/bb cream, a little blush and a brush of mascara.

  9. The best tip I ever got for skincare was to always moisturize! Every day, I always apply an oil-free spf 15 moisturizer on my face and neck - even if I only go out with Mascara. The oil-free part keeps me from breaking out and the SPF protects my face from sun damage. All in all, this keeps my skin looking nice and young :)

  10. At thirty (and really any age) women are typically concerned about three things:
    1. Wrinkles
    2. Even skin tone/dark spots
    3. Acne (this surprises some people but it's true)

    There are physiologic reasons behind all three and the best thing to do is ask your local dermatologist and educate yourself. . EVERYONE should also be getting a yearly skin exam, to check for abnormal moles and skin cancer from all the damage we have done laying in the sun. Basically aging and sun damage are breaking down the natural collagen in your skin and eventually the damage builds up so yes laying out in your twenties affects your skin in your thirties and forties! Take care of it now!

    You can treat all three with similar products and yes it is a little harder to find all-natural products but there are options out there especially for sensitive skin types because typically fake fragrances and dyes are what aggravate them.

    1. Daily Sunscreen- you need to protect all your hard work and money. Why put on night creams at all if you aren't going to protect yourself from more damage? at least 30 spf and not just in your makeup. You don't put enough moisturizer or foundation on to get the full 30. Even better if it protects against UVA and UVB rays.

    2. Retinol- this is the best product on the market and is typically stronger in Rx versions. It is Vitamin A and is the BEST thing known and scientifically proven to reverse wrinkles, repair collagen etc. you can find it in serums, moisturizers and eye creams, just find a brand and type that fits your skin type. This is used to treat wrinkle, acne and dark spots and a ton of other things!

    3. Clarisonic- this brush although a tad bit more expensive works better than any OTC version. This biggest difference is that it provides a "micro massage" to the tissues rather than spinning in a circle and removing dead skin cells. The massage stimulates collagen production and cleans your skin better than your hands will which also allows all those fancy skin creams to soak in better! It treats all three concerns and make sure you clean it properly or it can build up grime on the brush, yuck!

    ** I am not a dermatologist but work in healthcare and have read as much as I can about all of this! I try to base my opinions on research and not advertisements and I think it is better to invest in a few key products even if they are more expensive rather than lots of cheaper skin creams but thats just me. That said, everyone's skin is different and products affect everyone differently so try something and typically even after you use it drug stores like CVS and Walgreens will take it back if it doesn't work for you!
    CONGRATS on wanting to take care of your skin!

    1. Sorry that got really long. I just get excited when people want to take care of themselves, whether its through skincare, exercise or eating right. It is so do-able and every women deserves to feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside!!!!

  11. I just started using Bare Minerals and I like it! I got the starter kit from Sephora and it has everything you need. In the summer (or anytime I am tan enough, my favorite is to use a tinted moisturizer. Also my #1 thing I have to have on before I even leave the house is put on eyeliner & mascara. Just a quick swipe on the lower inner line (focusing on the outside of the eye) with a black waterproof eyeliner (I use Rimmel, twists up so you dont have to find a sharpener) and lots of mascara (Covergirl- orange or purple are my favs).

    1. I use Bare Minerals as well. Started using it 6 years ago and I really love it. Now...I'm 61 yoa and lived for YEARS in Az and didn't take care of my skin, but I'm 5', 95 lbs, so people generally think I'm about 5 years younger than I am. I think not getting huge as I've aged has helped and I think using the Bare Minerals has helped. I've been using coconut oil on my face as some others mentioned and it's great.

  12. I take really good care of my skin and at 32 people constantly think I am 26 (hallelujah!!) Part of it is having good genes and the other part is a good routine. #1-Drink LOTS and LOTS of water. I try for 100 oz a day. #2-Wear sunscreen EVERYDAY. On your hands too! #3-Vitamin C. I use a Vitamin C face wash by Avalon Organics that I got at Whole Foods but have seen it as Target as well. At night I put a Vitamin C serum on my face and neck before I go to bed. I use a brand called Rhonda Allison that I got from my esthetician but you can get it and others on Amazon. For makeup...all of my skin makeup is from Laura Mercier. MAC and Bobbi Brown make awesome eyeshadows...they stay on all day. Benefit makes great mascara but there are so many great OTC mascaras as well.

  13. I wholeheartedly agree with those that say MOISTURIZE twice a day! My grandmother had amazing skin her whole life, and my mom looks so much younger than others her age, and she swears it's because of moisturizing and wearing sunscreen. I'm hoping that they passed those genes down to me, but in the meantime I have two go-to brands for skincare: Aveeno and Philosophy. Aveeno is gentle, but effective, and budget-friendly. I love their skin brightening daily scrub and use it morning and night. I love Philosophy's Hope in a Jar moisturizer. It feels great going on and has improved my skin over time. I also love their 'on a clear day' face wash for times when I am prone to breakouts. I've just started using some of their eye and wrinkle creams, but haven't really used them long enough to give a solid review. At 27 I figured it was time to commit to adding them to my routine! I also started using Bare Minerals make up about five years ago and I love it so much, I can't see myself using anything else. EVER. LOVE IT! The other product I swear by is Maybelline Falsies Mascara. It is incredible and I've found that I like it better than pricier brands I've tried. Can't wait to see what you try out and how you like it! Good luck!

  14. I've started using oil to cleanse my face using a 3-1 ratio of olive oil to castor oil every night (olive oil is a good moisturizer and castor oil is a "carrier oil" to remove gunk). You can end up changing the oil ratio as you go, more olive oil for dryer skin, more castor oil for oily-er skin. About a quarter sized amount gets rubbed into your face with your fingers (or a face brush!) in a circular motion, then I either "steam" my face by putting superduper hot water in the sink and standing over it to open my pores OR you can get a washcloth wet with hot-ish water and set that on your face until it cools. Then rinse and rub the oil off your face with the washcloth. After that I slather coconut oil on my face, neck, hair (EVERYWHERE) coconut oil is amazing! I use a Burt's Bees Herbal Blemish Stick on any pimples that bless my face and that keeps things under control. Also, exfoliation...but I stick to the good old St Ive's apricot scrub.
    I can't wait to hear what you think, I've been searching for a good, non-greasy and not too "clumpy" sunblock forever and can't seem to settle on a good one. Good luck!

  15. I haven't tried the coconut oil mentioned, but I've thought about it! I use Afterglow cosmetics because I need to stay away from anything containing gluten.

  16. Oh my gosh--I have NO idea where to start either...but I am SO excited to read more. I need help too! Ha.

  17. I use Rodan + Fields, from the doctors who created Proactiv. My overall appearance and feel of my skin is so improved that I actually don't use a foundation anymore, just their Mineral Peptides. All of the products are clinically proven, and come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    I'd love to chat with you about what products the doctors would recommend for you based on your skin concerns, and even send you a mini-facial to sample. Check out my website for contact information.

  18. For make-up, I've gotten hooked on BB cream as a base. It has SPF and gives a clean, dewy finish. And I think you really can't go wrong with Bobbi Brown. Her stuff is reasonably priced compared to other department store brands, and if you went to get a make-over at one of her counters (which I find is a great way to get to know new products and techniques), the make-over will be tasteful and natural.

    For skin, I say you cannot moisturize enough. You should moisturize in the morning before applying make-up, and at night before bed. Exfoliation is key too (light buff puff for washing your face at least once a day). I generally go for higher-end drug store products here that include a little bit of a chemical exfoliant and SPF for my daytime moisturizer. Olay Reginerist Micro-Sculpting Cream at night, Neutrogena Radiance Skin SPF-15 during the day, plus a good eye cream applied with both.

  19. Please check out Paula's Choice for skincare. I started using them about a year ago and love them (I am in my 40's and have some acne as well as wrinkles). You can only buy them online but they are not expensive (, more than what you might pay at a drugstore but not more than what you will pay at a department store. It's pretty easy to figure out what you should buy since the site will recommend what products will work for your skin type and concern. Also, they do not test on animals and have a 60 day return guarantee. There are also helpful consumer reviews on all of their products. Paula also tests and reviews other skin care and makeup products to see if they live up to their claims and I found this very helpful as well. She has written many books on this subject and knows what she is talking about! Good luck! Heidi

  20. Don't buy into the hype of expensive products with ridiculous claims. Do research first - check out Paula Begoun's website. She does reviews of most brands and also has her own skincare line which is great - AND not tested on animals! Try to go cruelty-free if you can. Beautypedia is great (Paula's site) for research into good (not necessarily expensive) products and it lists companies that test on animals and those who don't.

  21. Hmmm, clearly a loaded question! ;-) Here's my advice (as a 46 year old): exfoliate, sunscreen EVERY DAY, look for drug store brands that are comparable to the high end department store brands, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, and drink lots of water. I have friends that swear by regular facials, but to be honest, I can't fit those into my budget very often. Eating right, drinking water, and taking multivitamins has been key for me, too (working from the inside out).
    Good luck! Looks like you've gotten lots of great suggestions.
    xo Heidi

  22. Drink lots of water.
    Gentle cleanser twice a day, moisturize after.

  23. Im 48yr and in addition to good genes- I think I'm aging pretty well. I just wish I would have started getting serious about my skin-care in my 30's instead of my 40's. Here is my routine:
    1. I drink alot of water and I try to eat "clean"-stay away from refined sugar and processed foods.
    2. Sunscreen every day
    3. Wash my face in am and pm with an equal mixture of Witch Hazel toner and Cetaphil facial cleanser. This tones, moisturizes and takes off all my makeup. No need to rinse- just apply with a cotton pad. (Life changing!)
    4. Moisturize with Eucerine Professional Repair in am /Eucerine Intensive Repair in pm. (I have dry skin-love this routine)
    5. After a shower, before I get out and dry off I rub my body with Avacado oil with a few drops of Lavender essential oils added. This is a great whole body moisturizer.
    6. I use sulfate-free products on my hair and akin
    The above products you can get at Whole Foods and drugstores. They are not expensive...simple, skin care.

  24. I love DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and Extra Nighttime Moisture, I think they are life-changing. I'm 33 and I have been using these for several months, I can tell! I also use their Concentrated eye cream at night but I think I will try something else from DHC next because it isn't as emollient as I'd like.

  25. I just started upping my skincare routine as well. One brand I'd like to throw into the ring is Mario Badescu. It's readily available at Ulta and online. You can go on their site under "Consulting" and fill out a little questionaire and they will mail you samples and a skin care regimine based on your consultation - OR you can do a live chat on their site with a customer service rep. Their products are SO inexpensive and they work so well!

  26. best way to test the many different products out there! you put in what preferences and they send different samples every month! i think it is $10/mo. but i use clarisonic mia and cetaphil too. started after i had my baby last May and it has done wonders! wish i knew about them a long time ago!

  27. I started using Origins stuff like crazy when I turned 27... particularly love this stuff:

    I definitely recommend their products for anyone with sensitive skin, it's pricey but you can definitely tell the difference.

  28. Get a good retinol night cream! My friend turned me onto it and it really does make a difference (especially preventative in terms of ageing) I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

    *Tip I was given: make sure you apply to your face AND neck (I even include the top part of my chest sometimes) because the neck is often forgotten when it comes to anti-ageing products.

    For daytime, I just go for straight up sunscreen since most of the time I'm in a rush so I don't trust myself to put on foundation evenly - Burt's Bees sunscreen is my favorite.

    I also started using a good moisturizer in the morning, I apply it after washing my face and just let it absorb. So far, I really like St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer because it's not greasy & absorbs quickly/ gives my skin a nice glow

    Lastly, I've been making it a point to drink tons of water and take a Biotin supplement - after I'm done with the bottle, I'm going to switch over to a Hair, Skin & Nails supplement that has been highly recommended:
    (I see you have a little one, so if you're nursing definitely look into whether it's safe to take)

    So, in summary:
    1. Retinol night creme
    2. Don't forget your neck
    3. Sunscreen during the day
    4. A good moisturizer
    5. Lots of water & take some biotin

    I turn 30 this year as well, luckily I have some beauty-savvy friends who are cluing me in - hope this helps!

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