The Little Things: New Bathroom Hand Towels

Last week, I ran across this beautiful hand towel at Target. Of course, I snatched it up and threw it in my cart quicker than you can say boom-shacka-lacka. Yeah, I just said boom-shacka-lacka. So, I'd kind of forgotten about the hand towel since we were out of town in Hilton Head last weekend, but I found it yesterday and hung it up in our master bathroom. I totally dig the way it works with our new bath mat and shower curtain and the other master bathroom updates I shared here.
In the midst of another crazy busy week, it's the little things like this fabulous hand towel that make me smile.
What little things are inspiring you this week?


  1. ha! i have that towel hanging on our powder room too!

  2. I think I've added that towel to my cart at least 3 times but I've always put it back. Our bathroom is pretty much all white and light blue, so I'd have to redecorate the whole thing for one towel. I love it though! Goes great with your shower curtain !

  3. Love! We are in desperate need of new towels in our master as well.

  4. I went to target last week for the first time in a long time--and let me tell you...I learned that they have so many great things right now! Haha. Love the towel.....Such a fun pop of color!

  5. Ha! I got side-tracked at Target yesterday -- danger, danger! Lol... sometimes the little things keep us encouraged that we're actually making progress, right?
    Have a great weekend, Michelle -- looks like a lovely one in the ATL for us!
    xo Heidi


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