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Things are slowly but surely coming around at our new rental house. I guess after three months of living here, I guess I can stop calling it "new" since it’s not exactly new to us anymore, huh? Geez, time flies.

Last week, I shared the layered frame vignette I created on our awkward fireplace mantel in the living room. On the wall adjacent to our fireplace sits our sofa, opposite a wall with the TV. I wanted to create a fun gallery wall above the sofa, but decided to keep it simple to avoid putting too many holes in the wall. Our landlord has given us permission to hang things on the wall (in fact, they sweetly said, “make it your home!”) but to avoid having to repair holes later, David and I have been trying to put as few holes in the wall as we can by hanging less or using Command strips.

Above the sofa, I took the “hang less” approach. This little gallery wall consists of just three pieces, but it’s kind of like the little engine that could… they certainly pull their weight. I love it!


In this space, I hung my DIY rustic wall art sign. It’s seriously my absolute favorite DIY project that I’ve ever done. And it was so easy. And free! If you haven’t already, check out the tutorial for the sign here.


I hung a piece of art that my mother-in-law created when she was a young teenager. Isn’t the painting and the frame beautiful?! She passed away several years ago, so the painting is a sweet reminder of her. I also hung a piece of the gold-flecked bark that I picked up at the Country Living Fair. Remember when I used it for my rustic + glam golden Christmas mantel last year? Oh yeah, now it’s finally making an appearance year-round! My friend Katelyn also has some of the bark and framed hers in an open handmade wood frame that she painted cement gray. It looks amazing, I’ll have to get pictures and show you someday.


While I’d certainly love to hang ten million pieces above the sofa to create an eclectic, beautiful gallery wall, it’s just not practical at a rental house. So I took my best shot at creating a simple arrangement that works for this temporary phase of our lives. Hey, it’s waaaay better than where we started, right? You can see the "just moved in" living room tour here.

03.08.2013 035


I'm coming along with my to-do list for the room.

1. Hang art.
2. Organize baby gear in room. (is this possible?!)
3. Decorate the built-in bookshelves.
5. Add another rug to the entry area?

For more information about the sourcing of the items in my living room, check out these posts.

And for a fun visit back to our old house, check out my formal living room makeover and our slate room/family room makeover.


  1. Looks beautiful. I like that it's simple and not overdone.

    What's the status on your old house? Is it still up for sale or have you rented it out?

    1. Hey Arli! Thanks for checking in : ) I promise to update y'all soon!

  2. This looks great! I really like the simple approach.

    And I've always loved that DIY art. Just so cute!

  3. Girl, you have done so much in such a short time. Looks beautiful. So light and airy, too. And love the little engine that could analogy. Must be fun to have a fresh set of rooms and walls to work on.

  4. Love the pieces that you chose! They go perfectly in the space! :)

  5. Cute! Love the simplicity of it and the colors as well :)

  6. I was also wondering what the status of your house is...I've had my fingers crossed for you all!

    1. Aw, thank you! Trust me, we need those fingers crossed, so I appreciate it : ) I'll update y'all soon!!

  7. What a great transformation. I love what you have done with your room. It's so simple yet it looks so nice. Simplicity really is beauty. -


  8. That was so cool.. Like the way you have arranged it.


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