And Then There Was Light {A Lamp Makeover}

Well, hello friends! I hope all of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. I'm pretty sure I'm reporting to you from a full pant size larger... let's just say momma had no problem getting thirds seconds at my Thanksgiving feast! It was a good one, that's for sure.

When David and I made over our new living room/slate room before baby H came in August, I decided to take decorating this room nice and slow. Of course, we were a tad bit busy loving on our newborn, but we also relisted our house for sale (read more about that here). That means it's not really worth our time or money to do a lot of big house projects right now. But tiny little room pick-me-ups? Oh, that's right up my alley these days!

Like these guys. Or gals, if you prefer.

I found them at my local Habitat ReStore for $10 each. These big brass clunkers (which, by the way, are really heavy!) are the perfect size for the end tables in the slate room. Currently, I've got a tall floor lamp on one side and my Nana's milk glass lamp on the other. As much as I'm a girl who loves mixing things up, I wanted two matching lamps on the end tables. It kind of dresses things up in there, if you know what I mean.

In order to make over these bad boys, I purchased a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum's oil rubbed bronze spray paint. It's got primer in it, so the lamps didn't need any kind of prep work besides being wiped down well. Just make sure you do several very light coats. You don't want any drips or excess paint on a shiny surface like this.

I love the dark, oil rubbed bronze color. It's so handsome. And actually kind of sparkly in the light... reminds me of a certain vampire I know. The Edward Cullen lamp, if you will. Ps. How many of you have seen the new Twilight movie? Don't lie. I saw it... mucho good!

The shades are actually just little $20 finds I picked up from Target. I'm sort of head over heels for the pattern and the gold color. The gold, although not what I was looking for at all- I had been searching for neutral colored shades, picks up some fun golden shades in the rug. So it works!

I'm not quite as big of a fan of the shades at night. They get a bit of an orangey glow that I don't love, but I'm willing to take it just because I love the shades so much during the day!

I think the punch of pattern and slight punch of color brings some fun to the room.

Oh and for those of you wondering... I decided to space the lamps on the corner of the table just so it gives us more surface area to use while we're sitting on the couch... a stack of H's books, our laptops, drinks, that kind of thing. Plus, I eventually plan to fill the drawers of the side tables with fun trinkets so you can see them through the glass tops, so I wouldn't want to cover up the glass with the lamps. Anyways, it might look a little wonky in the photos, but it makes sense when you're in the room.

Also, the answer is no... that is not my baby in the photo frames on the wall ledge. I still have yet to fill those frames with anything personal. Oops. 

David and I are pretty happy with the lamps. You really can't beat two gigantic sparkly vampire lamps for about $35 a pop ($10 base, $20 shade, $5 spray paint).


  1. Looks great! I really like the fabric on the shades.

  2. Gorgeous! You would never guess they looked the way they did before! And the shades are perfect with the room.

  3. They are a great scale for your room, too! I never find pairs of lamps of thrift stores - you lucky thing you!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your little man!

  4. These look awesome. I love the color and the shades are perfection! I've been having trouble finding a set at GoodWill, hopefully soon.

  5. I am dying to have those lamp shades in my house, but I just can't find a spot for them! They look great!

  6. How ironic! I actually purchased two of the same exact shades from Target last week! I'm planning to put them in our bedroom once I find the right lamps for them. Great find! You did an excellent job painting the lamps! :)

  7. Love them! The lamps, and shades, look great in the room! Awesome find!

  8. Woo hoo for spray paint magic!! The shades are perfection, Michelle -- enjoy!
    xo Heidi

  9. Do you remember when we met for lunch in San Francisco with Michaela and went into the Jonathan Adler store after? There was a $400 lamp there that I had just DIYed the day before nearly identical.... here is mine..

    Love the lampshades! They are such a fun and cheap way to add a pop of color

  10. Love... Love... Love! Just saw the lampshades today at Target and they were on sale! I forgot the amount. So pretty! Michele M

  11. Love the lamps! && I loved the new Twilight movie too :)

  12. They look great! And the perfect height, too. "I love lamp" -- you'll only get that if you watch the office ;) ha. Anyone...anyone??


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