Election Day

It's time to rock the vote, kiddos. Happy Election Day! David, HDawg and I were able to get in and out to vote pretty quickly this morning... I hope you guys have the same luck. Of course, y'all are probably all smarter than us and voted early, right? ; ) It's such an important day in our nation's history (as is every presidential Election Day), so make sure your voice is heard.

PS. My son is not intentionally flicking you off, I promise....


  1. Ahaha!! I get the bird from Ethan every now and then when he's nursing! Too funny!

  2. So sweet! We waited in line less than 30 minutes. Timed it just right. Lines were getting longer as we left.

  3. Totally offended by H's finger. HA :) Yay for voting!


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