My New Pillows Make Me Holla

So apparently you guys think I'm anti-throw pillow. I'm surprised that no one said anything when I posted this picture from my lamp makeover post earlier this week.

"Um, Michelle. Your couch is naked."

Well, I was just saving up a little something something for ya, friends. Picture me like a contestant on the Price is Right, running furiously down the aisle to Bob Barker (I still can't accept Drew Carey as the host of that show)... youuuu're the proud new owner of some new throw pillows!!! Woot.

The striped pillows are cheapie finds from Ikea and the ikat pillows are from one of my favorite pillow sources, The Lacey Placey. I love the mix of grays and prints. Chic but casual, I do believe.

I really love how the slate room is coming together. And since I'm hanging out in here with little man 90% of the day, I guess that's a good thing! 

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  1. Lol! I thought that maybe you liked the simple look? Didn't want to say anything:) Those are awesome!

  2. Love the pillows! That room just keeps getting prettier and prettier!

  3. Love those pillows! They are so cute and definitely add a lot to the room and the couch!

  4. I have somewhat of a throw pillow obsession... my husband doesn't understand why we have so many. But I need these. They're amazing. Don't be surprised if they end up on my couch. Love them!

  5. Oooh yes! I love them too!! Hmmm I'm going to have to keep those in mind as I decorate our new living room. They look fantastic!

  6. They're totally perfect for the room! Love The Lacey Placey :)

  7. Woo hoo! Looking good!! Are you putting your Christmas tree in there? It's becoming such a cozy space...
    xo Heidi

    PS-- GO DAWGS!!

  8. Oh, man! I love those pillows and they look great with the new lamps!

  9. Love the new pillows! They look great together and the couch looks much cozier :)


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