{DIY} Kids Art Bucket Station

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As soon as I saw this post over on my girl Courtney's blog, I knew I had to make this craft for my nieces (8 year old twins) and my nephew (their 3 year old little brother). They are all at the stage where they are LOVING arts and crafts (awww, they must take after their incredibly gorgeous aunt!), so I decided that an art kit would be perfect to make for each of them for their Christmas gift!

-metal buckets
-wood base/spray paint
-craft paper for tag
-kids craft supplies (washable!)

I really wanted to figure out a way to make the buckets permanently connect, so that the art kit could turn into a kind of art station. David designed a little "plywood + white spraypaint + screw-into-the-bottom-of-each-bucket contraption" that just worked out perfectly! 

Next, I added a couple of initials to the girls' buckets and a little robot guy to my nephew's bucket (which, by the way, are color-coordinated with their bedrooms!) and topped each bucket off with a fresh supply of crayons, markers, watercolor paints and colored pencils. And there, my friends, is a DIY art bucket station.

I'm pretty sure they kids loved the art bucket stations since they started cranking out the projects right away! I just love creative kiddos : )

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  1. So stinkin' cute! I love the robot. :) Hope your sweet bub is doing GREAT!


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