My Little Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from my little turkey! 

Yesterday, H Dawg and I completed his very first craft project... a little turkey hand. I have one from every year of my childhood, so I thought he needed one for his very first Thanksgiving! Even if his little three month old hands don't unclench all that well : ) It. Doesn't. Get. Cuter.

Have a great day celebrating with your loved ones! Gobble gobble!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving girl! First thanksgiving with a little one is such a special one - enjoy! And ps - I'm off to make some of those pumpkin muffins - thanks - I love quick easy recipes!

  2. Sweet! You will love looking back on that in a few years :) Hope you had a great holiday!

  3. So cute! I love that you did it as well. So special. Have a great weekend, friend!


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