Mummified Chocolate Bars, Eyeball Cookies + Skeleton Apple Smiles: DIY Halloween Candy Treats

Half of my kitchen stuff is still unpacked and sitting in boxes, so I haven't had a chance to whip up any fun fall goodies yet this year. You can be sure that there are some pumpkin + chocolate chip muffins or cookies in my near future, though!

I was browsing through some of my old fall projects when I came across these fun DIY Halloween candy treats I created a few years ago and shared here on my blog.

How cute are these mummified chocolate bars?

 Everyone loves a good edible body part around Halloween time... these eyeball cookies are no exception!

And for those of you who like healthier options, I whipped up a fun skeleton apple smile treat, too!

Not only do these little treats make me hungry, they motivate me to finish unpacking the kitchen so I can create more fun Halloween treats! Only a couple weeks left! If you want to learn more about these DIY treats, check out my original post here. Have you made any fun fall goodies yet this year?

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  1. The apples and marshmallows are precious. I am def. going to try this for an upcoming Halloween party.

  2. Yummmmmmmmmm. Love these, especially those apple/pb/marshmallow smiles!

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